Best IAS Coaching in Kolkata

It is needless to say that the UPSC examination to become an IAS is exceptionally difficult to pass. The examination requires immense hard work and dedication for playing a huge role while shaping your future. But you cannot prepare for this examination alone. You will need one of the Best IAS coaching in Kolkata to assist you in laying the stepping stone for success. It will turn every dream of the IAS or UPSC aspirant into reality.

Definition of UPSC Civil Services Examination

UPSC civil services tests are conducted every year by the Indian Government authorities. It is an all-India-level competitive exam, and the primary purpose of the test is to identify the best minds. These rank holders will take charge of some of the most prestigious positions of civil services. The best UPSC coaching in Kolkata will test different attributes of a person and the capacity to put in all the hard work, communication skills, concentration, planning, perseverance, memory power, focus, and goal commitment.

How can you become an IAS officer?

Indian Administrative Services (IAS ) or Indian Police Service (IPS) are two of the most honorable services in India. UPSC or Union Public Service Commission finds out true gems through civil services examination each year to recruit IAS/IPS officers on an all India level. The first step toward the UPSC success is to enroll for the best IAS Coaching in Kolkata. Now below is the detailed process on how you can become an IAS/IPS/IFS officer.

  • Go through the UPSC CSE notification section thoroughly
  • Know the detailed syllabus for the examination
  • Check out if you are eligible to sit for the test or not
  • Go through the timetable on the UPSC website. Know the exact date of application, examination date, and the last date of submitting the form
  • Submit the application form for the UPSC CSE preliminary examination on their official website
  • Get enrolled in Apti Plus which is one of the best UPSC/IAS coaching institute in Kolkata
  • Start studying for the exam with the help of the best UPSC coaching in Kolkata
  • Sit for the preliminary examination and clear it
  • Apply for the main examination by filling the DAF or Detailed Application form sent to the aspirant online
  • Study well through the best IAS coaching in Kolkata and clear the mains
  • Score as much as a high score in the main examination
  • Prepare well for the interview stage by pursuing the top UPSC coaching in Kolkata
  • Wait for the official result announcement
  • Clear the final interview stage
  • Secure a good rank by scoring high in the interview
  • Become an IAS/IPS/IFS officer

Is the IAS Coaching Necessary to Crack the UPSC CSE Examination?

Well, joining reputed IAS Coaching Institutes in Kolkata like Apti Plus Academy giving UPSC coaching in Kolkata comes with numerous advantages, which are as follows.

  • Offers correct guidance to what, how, and when of the examination
  • Can access all the study materials under a single roof
  • One must revise all the class notes continuously as the materials are based on the UPSC syllabus
  • Both positive and negative feedback from the faculties who are directly involved or have exposure to the UPSC examination
  • The institutions for the best IAS coaching in Kolkata offer a monthly magazine that includes all the summary of the significant current affairs happening in India in the past month
  • Workshops, guest lectures, and seminars given by retired IPS or IAS officers or the successful candidates
  • Unbiased assessment of all your answers and assignments by the experienced faculties and detailed discussions on them on how to improve it
  • Simple understanding and explanation of the difficult subjects by the teachers
  • Competitive peer groups

However, if you cannot afford any UPSC coaching in Kolkata of Apti Plus Academy, you might get access to all the materials from the market including the test series and the class notes. 

Eligibility Criteria for the IAS/UPSC CSE Examination:-  

When you enroll for the best IAS Coaching in Kolkata, you will get to know everything about eligibility criteria.

1. Eligibility criteria for IAS, IPS, and Indian Foreign Services:

You need to be an Indian citizen.

2. Eligibility for Other Services:

  • The aspirant must be a citizen of Bhutan, Nepal, or India
  • He/she can be a Tibetan refugee who has come to India on the 1st of January 1962 to permanently settle in India
  • An Indian by its origin who has migrated from Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, East African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Zaire, United Republic of Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Vietnam to permanently settle in India

3. Limit for Age:

You need to be at least 21 years of age to attend the civil services tests. You can sit for the UPSC exam for an unlimited number till 32 years of age. Although, there are age relaxations for the following categories.

Category Relaxation of Age in Years
Ex-servicemen 5
SC or ST 5
Defense service personnel 3
Domicile of the Jammu and Kashmir State 5
Deaf or hearing hardness, leprosy cured, victims of acid attack, autism, particular learning disability, multiple disabilities, low vision and blindness, locomotors disability like cerebral palsy, dwarfism, muscular dystrophy, intellectual disability, and mental illness 10

4. Education Qualification:

The candidate should hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent to fulfilling the UPSC or IAS examination eligibility criteria. The degree needs to be recognized by a state or legislature, or an act of parliament, or the University Grants Commission. You can also apply for the preliminary test if you are waiting for the result. A candidate who has passed the MBBS final year or any medical examination but is yet to complete the internship is also eligible for the mains examination.

5. Total Number of Attempts:

Every candidate with proper UPSC Coaching in Kolkata can appear in the examination for the following times. 

Age Educational Qualifications Total Number of Attempts
General category from 21 to 32 years Any stream Graduate 6
OBC category from 21 to 35 years Any stream Graduate 9
ST or SC category from 21 to 37 years Any stream Graduate Any number till the required age limit

For Physically-handicapped candidates

Category Minimum to maximum age limit in years Total number of attempts
OBC 21 to 42 9
General 21 to 42 9
ST or SC 21 to 47 Any number till reaches the age limit

Different Courses available in Apti Plus Academy for the WBCS/UPSC Examination:-

Now that you have selected the best IAS coaching in Kolkata, it is time to check out the different courses available in Apti Plus Academy for the WBCS or UPSC test.

  • Study materials in hard copy like the standard reference books and the NCERT books
  • All 60 preliminary test series
  • 12 All India current affair test series
  • 10 All India Full Length Test Series
  • One year subscription of current affairs magazine that will be supplied monthly
  • Video recording for the preparation of the mock interview

All the above courses are available in every one or two year, or unlimited batches of the UPSC coaching in Kolkata in this UPSC/IAS coaching institute in Kolkata.

For Know more about courses visit:

Fee Structure - Affordable IAS Coaching in Kolkata:-

The fees for the top UPSC coaching in Kolkata from the best IAS coaching institutes in Kolkata like Apti Plus Academy varies from around INR 80,000 to 2 lakh. Thus it is not possible for everyone to access these high fees. But there are many reputed UPSC/IAS coaching institutes in Kolkata for the best IAS coaching in Kolkata with the finest study materials, teachers, personal guidance and test series at a reasonable price. Sometimes Apti Plus Academy also allows you to pay the fees in installment because they do not want money to be the primary cause for the growth of your children. Apti Plus Academy provides all the Essays, study materials in hard copy, GS main paper I, II, III and IV, GS preliminary, CSAT, Preliminary test series, and current affair magazines. The below fee structure is for the offline UPSC coaching in Kolkata and does not include any online facility.

Duration of the UPSC Batch Fee without installments in INR  Fee with installments in INR
One year 1,30,000 1,20,000
Two year 1st Year-1,18,000, 2nd Year-23,600. 1st Year-1,08,000, 2nd Year-23,600.

The online course fee for the best IAS coaching in Kolkata in Apti Plus Academy is Rs. 1,30,000 INR.

Why Select Apti Plus Academy for the best IAS Coaching in Kolkata?

In this segment, we will share some of the reasons to select the Apti Plus Academy as the finest IAS coaching institutes in Kolkata for the best IAS coaching in Kolkata. They are as follows.

⇒      Experienced faculty member team

A high-caliber teacher's team will always enhance and influence the success probability of the candidate. Any reputed institution giving UPSC coaching in Kolkata will deliver continuous guidance and support for student growth, even in a crowded classroom. A knowledgeable and expert faculty team with years of valuable experience in this sector will form the basis of the best IAS coaching in Kolkata.

    Personal feedback and guidanc:

A reputed organization for UPSC coaching in Kolkata gives personal feedback and guidance to those candidates who cannot get the meaning of certain portions. The teacher will recognize the students and will deliver the necessary guidance to them. The candidates might also approach the teachers if they were having any problem in any segment. 

⇒      Small Batch Size :

The Apti Plus Academy offering the best IAS coaching in Kolkata consist of a small number of students of a maximum of 60 in every batch. In this way, the student can communicate directly with the teacher. They also offer classes with inflexible schedules of the evening, weekend, or morning classes that make it suitable for every student.   

⇒      Dedication level

The primary aim of the Apti Plus Academy for UPSC Coaching in Kolkata lies in the student’s future. It is true, but most institutions are money-centered and cannot offer what you want to achieve. But your hard work and dedication will lead you to be the place where you want to be together with the correct supporting system. The demo classes of the IAS coaching institutes in Kolkata will assist you in understanding your future better.  

?      Syllabus-oriented study materials: 

High standard and syllabus-oriented study material is a must for your success in the UPSC or IAS examination. A pioneering center for the best IAS coaching in Kolkata will deliver you enough relevant sources for perusal. You can make notes and read them. All the basics for the examination are present in the NCERT based test series. Special attention is also given to the All India Current affair test series.  Apti Plus Academy will offer all the test and study materials of the NCERT both in soft and hard copy.   

⇒      Online Coaching:  

Due to the high fee structure, full-time job, or distance, attending a UPSC or IAS examination can be a bit difficult for you. Thus there are many UPSC/IAS coaching institute in Kolkata for UPSC coaching in Kolkata that offer online classes to those, who have some problem attending the offline sessions.    

⇒      Testimonials and past achievements:  

Always check out the past achievements of the organization where you will get enrolled for the best IAS coaching in Kolkata. They will strive to continue the students' growth by guiding and helping them with smart work and complete dedication. You can also go through the testimonials of the previous students before submitting the hard-earned money to the coaching institute.  

⇒     Reasonable Fee Structure:  

Almost all of the renowned IAS coaching institutes in Kolkata for UPSC coaching in Kolkata include a similar fee structure. But always consider different organizations before making a final decision. Check where you can negotiate at the best price. They should also offer a scholarship, maximum discount, and sponsorship probability to the students. It is necessary to know that you are getting the best possible deal based on the course and the city. You can also opt for the installment facility to never miss the enrolling opportunity. It will lessen your financial burden and help you in a long way.    Mock tests are one of the integral parts of the preparation for IAS/WBCS coaching in Kolkata. The teachers analyze the students of the best IAS coaching in Kolkata through the SWOT analysis. It includes their strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities, and threats. It will help you to assess your personal growth with no hindrance. They will also offer additional classes for the mock interviews where students will get to feel the actual pressure and will have a thorough idea of what the examiners will ask them.  

?      Duration for the coaching:  

The IAS coaching institutes in Kolkata for UPSC Coaching in Kolkata will offer you to select a plan as per your time frame and needs. This course is suitable for every school and college student to working professionals. If you fail to attend the classes due to some emergency reason, then worry not. The institutions for the best IAS coaching in Kolkata will offer you, additional provisional classes. They care about every student that gets attached to them. 

Why most IAS/UPSC aspirants from WEST BENGAL come for IAS Coaching in Kolkata?

Kolkata is the cultural capital of India which is also one of the oldest military and commercial ports. It has always been the center for freedom, and the people of Kolkata are full of patriotism and love for the country. That is why most of the people from Kolkata tend to attend the civil services examination and serve the nation.  Always select a pioneering UPSC/IAS coaching institute in Kolkata for the best IAS coaching in Kolkata to cope with the mental pressure, time shortage, excess study material, and self-love that will affect your performance and productivity in the UPSC or IAS examination. They will also assist you in building the studying plans according to your lifestyle and requirements. 

How to select the finest institutes for UPSC Coaching in Kolkata?

The dilemma most of the UPSC/IAS aspirants face is how to select the best IAS coaching center in Kolkata.  Every one of them claims to be the best in this field. But, there are certain factors that a student should keep in mind while selecting the best organization for UPSC Coaching in Kolkata.

⇒     Size of the Batch:  

An Institute with a restricted number of students in every batch will help you in better learning. Most of the centers include a batch size of 80 to 100. It might be a little difficult for the students to understand the lessons taught in the class.

⇒     Reviews:  

Go through the institution reviews for the best IAS coaching in Kolkata on different social media and search engines. It will help you gain insights into how the center operates and its success rate in the UPSC Coaching in Kolkata.

     Study Materials :

Always verify that the study materials and the reference books that the institution is recommending are following the syllabus of the UPSC or IAS examination. You also need to ensure they will supply you with both soft and hard copies of the materials.

⇒     Communicate with the Alumni:

One of the best ways to judge a center for UPSC Coaching in Kolkata is to communicate with the alumni who have passed out from here with flying colors. You can also get to know their difficulties, facilities, and experience during their best IAS coaching in Kolkata.

    Past results  :

Always verify the results of the past students the institution for the best IAS coaching in Kolkata is showing are genuine or not. You can also call the students and verify if they have studied there and got the number the UPSC/IAS coaching institute in Kolkata is claiming.

⇒     Teachers

One should also check for the teachers or the faulty team before enrolling in the UPSC Coaching in Kolkata. Enquire about the credentials as well as the faculty background to know if the UPSC/IAS coaching institute in Kolkata claims are true or not. 

⇒     Series of Test:    

Analyze the test series given by the IAS coaching institutes in Kolkata is of a high standard or not. Also, ensure that there are regular tests for the mains and preliminary examinations. Find out if they help clear all your doubts.   

The Institute has received numerous accolades:

“Best Civil and State Services Coaching Institute in West Bengal and Odisha” by Global Education Excellence Awards, 2019.
“Best Civil Services Coaching Institute in Odisha” by World Education Summit & Awards, 2018.
“Best Coaching Institute” by Worldwide Achievers at World Education Summit, New Delhi 2017.

UPSC Successfull candidates

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APTI PLUS is also a top-ranked Civil Service IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar providing coaching for both IAS and OAS examination. The APTI PLUS coaching center at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar started in the year 2015. It is the most sought-after Civil Service coaching institute in Bhubaneswar.

To read the testimonials visit the link:
The institute imparts the aspirants with value-based career education, abundant resources, and individual attention. APTI PLUS very well understands that it has a responsibility to nurture ethical and responsible career leadership in the aspirants and provide a lifelong connection to ethics and excellence in the future civil servants of the country.

Since its inception in 2005-06, Apti Plus has designed delivered perfected and innovated the art and science of teaching and guiding aspirants for civil services. It has ticked every box of civil services coaching which mostly prevails in the well renowned coaching institutions of Delhi. With the advent of the Apti Plus Academy for Civil Services, distant dream of the aspirants from Eastern India to crack the prestigious civil services exam has become a reality.

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