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When the ‘arduous’ journey of UPSC CSE is started, one is filled with so much energy, determination and hope. But as time passes by and one starts to face multiple failures/disappointments/hardships etc. they may start losing hope and think of giving up. One may start developing negative thoughts and in certain cases one may start facing medical issues as well. Added to this are societal expectations, family pressure, issues like marriage etc. For a senior, as time passes by, pressure and hopelessness increase. Fresher aspirants may become discouraged looking at the failure of their seniors.

When one has put life at stake for this UPSC DREAM and has undertaken so many risks and made so many sacrifices the question arises: SHOULD ONE LOSE HOPE? SHOULD ONE GIVE UP? OR SHOULD ONE CONTINUE TO PERSEVERE?

Here is a dose of motivation…..

Mother and Baby Giraffe

Whenever one feels hopeless, they should just remember mother Giraffe. When mother giraffe gives birth to a baby, the baby giraffe falls on the ground with force because giraffe is very tall, and as it tries to understand where it has fallen, at that time, immediately mother giraffe stands over it and kicks it really hard. The baby giraffe falls at distance and tries to gather its senses, again the mother giraffe comes and stands over it and again gives it another hard kick. Thereupon, the baby giraffe understands if i don’t act now, i will keep getting hard kicks. Then fallen baby giraffe, starts trying to get up on its wobbly legs and succeeds. But then again mother giraffe kicks the baby and again the baby falls and understands if i don’t stand and run i will be kicked again and again, now the baby giraffe starts running and at the moment, the mother giraffe comes and starts kissing and embracing the baby. The Mother giraffe is aware that, there are ferocious animals in the forest, tiger, wolf etc who love soft flesh of newborn animals and the mother giraffe can’t stay with baby giraffe all the time, so if it goes away, who will protect the baby? That is why, as soon as baby is born, the mother giraffe kicks baby giraffe hard, so that it learns how to stand. So she kicks again the baby remembers how to stand, and again she kicks baby so that the baby not just stands up, but starts running.

Try it One More Time

How Not To Lose Hope?

How Not to Lose Hope

One should embrace the hard reality-that in this exam there are only 2 possibilities-one will either SUCCEED or will either fail. Before undertaking this journey one should be ready to face any unpredictable circumstance/hardship/risk. To put it simply, ONE SHOULD BE READY TO EMBRACE FAILURES. HOPELESSNESS is the BIGGEST ENEMY of SUCCESS. Tough times, failures, hardships are inevitable. No matter how strong or powerful or confident one is, tough times will come: viciously forcing their might and causing one to crumble. This isn’t said to cause fear but because it’s the truth. The hardest part of tough times is not to lose hope.


Even after all this one may still fail-even after giving their best. One should realize IAS is not the end of the road. There may be bigger things waiting for them in life. IAS or for that matter any exam cannot be and should not be compared to what one can achieve in life. ANYONE CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN LIFE. Life can’t be made dependent on any exam.

The crux is that one will fall, and one will fail, but remember the mother giraffe and its baby at that time. Whenever challenges come in way, no matter how many times one falls, learn to get up. Learn from the baby giraffe to get up and stand, get up and start running. If one learns to get up, stand up and start running then they will reach the highest peak of success.

One needs to understand why they are experiencing tough times, but also be grateful for what they still have. One needs to embrace their tough times and explore what options exist to overcome them. One needs to remember all the previous tough times they battled through and how they got out of them.

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