Bhubaneswar is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Odisha. Bhubaneswar is dubbed the “Temple City” –boasts of a cluster of magnificent temples. With the diverse ranges of heritage resources, it showcases significant sacred cultural landscape components which have evolved with the support of available natural resource base and cultural trigger.


How to choose the Best UPSC Coaching in Bhubaneswar?

  • what’s best fitted to aspirant because they are the one who is going to attend the classes.
  • choose the one which will save some time and energy.
  • introspect about the faculty and the pedagogy.
  • Look for various resource constraints
  • Batch size
  • Testimonials/ opinion of former students/ Reviews
  • Past Results/ achievements
  • Study Material
  • Test Series

This best UPSC Coaching in Bhubaneswar is a remarkable one-stop destination for the best training and personal guidance and offers the right environment to learn and excel in CSE. With a well-planned and innovative teaching pedagogy, this best IAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar strives to obtain target oriented results.  This best UPSC Coaching in Bhubaneswar has been offering the best guidance of the most experienced and popular faculty in India who have mentored hundreds of successful students as IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc. This best UPSC Coaching in Bhubaneswar follows a very constructive teaching method and guide aspirants to ensure success in the long run. Personalised interactions with the mentors improve morale and boost the confidence of the aspirants.


At present, there are several IAS Coaching centres in Bhubaneswar, but this best UPSC Coaching in Bhubaneswar is listed on the top because of the quality of training it offers to its aspirants. The classroom course in this best UPSC Coaching in Bhubaneswar is exclusively designed for comprehensive coverage of both the Preliminary and Mains syllabus of the UPSC Civil Services Examination.  Aspirants in this best UPSC Coaching in Bhubaneswar are provided with top-notch study materials backed up by a robust exam-oriented test series.  This best UPSC Coaching in Bhubaneswar is a complete in-house coaching institution that offers both online and offline coaching to aspirants.


In addition to regular classes, regular doubt clearing sessions are conducted to identify weak areas and accordingly, provide aspirants with ways to improve on them. A dynamic approach is followed. In addition, intensive sessions on improving answer writing skills are conducted to develop and inculcate better writing skills.


Courses available for Mains 2021:




Candidates have to choose one optional subject for the Main Examination. Apti Plus, the best IAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar, offers such subjects which have maximum syllabus overlap/connection and strategic relevance with the compulsory papers of General Studies. These courses are meticulously designed to ensure content differentiation, score enhancement and completeness of coverage. Optional Subjects offered for the Main Examination are Sociology, Geography, Political Science, International Relations.


Why You Should Join This Programme?

  • Makes you feel like you are inside Apti Plus’s classroom.
  • A systematic approach to syllabus completion via the class plan
  • Targeted to crack the exam in ?rst attempt
  • 360 Degree Guidance: Learn, Discuss, Test, Revise
  • Guidance of this best IAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar acts like the lighthouses of the seashore.
  • CSE preparation needs a planned approach that is systematic & well designed and this best IAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar is too good at its execution.
  • Provides aspirants with the exam-oriented study materials and the direction of what all to read.
  • Instils competitive and fighting spirit, dedication and motivation for success
  • The very ecosystem of Apti Plus is enabling in the sense that it develops one’s cognitive skills
  • Covering Syllabus in Time Bound Manner
  • Continued Guidance: The ‘X’ Factor for Preparation
  • Broadening the scope of Improvement
  • The Edge called Psychological Advantage




Built on the mantra of ‘Learn-Revise-Test-Succeed’, the mains test series of this best IAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar has been designed so as to ensure not only content development and enhanced answer writing skills for the aspirants but also to enable them to develop multi-dimensional analytical perspectives across all themes


Mains test series of this best IAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar focuses on building a strong foundation by starting from scratch and then achieving a step-by-step systematic and thorough coverage of the entire syllabus of the Main Exam. Tests have been meticulously structured to ensure that aspirants not only grasp the demand of the UPSC Main Exam but are also aided in the preparation of the Prelim Test. It provides them with a discipline required during the coming weeks, by developing a deeper understanding of the topics mentioned in the General Studies syllabus.


It will help aspirants master the art of writing answers such as structure and presentation, learn how to present knowledge with contextual, structural and language competency, understand the keywords/context, approach towards attempting question, understand their current preparedness and identify their strengths and weaknesses and work upon them in a concerted manner.


Learning Outcome:

  • Clarity regarding how much time they are going to contribute to each question (both in terms of thinking and writing down the answer).
  • Continuity and linkage between different parts.
  • Answering the ‘question’ rather than a ‘topic’
  • Uncluttered presentation, underlining of key content, heading of sub-parts, diagrams/flowcharts.
  • Inter-topic linkages, catchy terms, facts and figures, case studies/ illustrations/ anecdotes.
  • The balance between one’s own viewpoints on one hand and technical jargon, research studies, expert views on the other hand.




APTI PLUS through its Mains 2021 Program offers that kind of conducive 360-degree platform that meets each and every requirement of the 'LEARN, REVISE & PRACTICE, TEST, IMPROVE, SUCCEED' mantra. One can 'Revise, Practice & Improve' and stay ahead of the curve with Mains 2021 Answer Writing Evaluation Programme known for its codified objective criteria, uniform standards and timely, constructive, personalised and practical inputs on all aspects of answer writing. The programme aims to develop an analytical perspective in aspirants and ensure continuous improvement using evaluation, feedback and personal mentorship. One-to-one personalised mentorship and trusted and expert guidance enables the aspirants to get their performance evaluated anytime from anywhere and helps them learn at their own pace.


APTI PLUS Answer evaluation is known for:

  • Codified objective criteria
  • Evaluation on uniform standards
  • Constructive suggestions
  • Timely, personalized and practical inputs on all aspects of answer writing
  • Experts who assess answers in a professional manner
  • Timely evaluation and feedback



Under this initiative by the best IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar, the everyday question is uploaded early morning and aspirants can upload handwritten answers by 6 pm. Standardised evaluation is then conducted by the subject expert and detailed evaluation and feedback are provided along with the model answer.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Aspirants learn to write meaningful, relevant and succinct answers
  • Learn to logically segmentize the answer.
  • clarity of the thought process
  • learn to answer the ‘question’ rather than a ‘topic’
  • learn to answer with a good but concise ‘first impression’ and ‘parting impact’.
  • learn how to answer with the uncluttered presentation, underlining of key content (not to be overdone), heading of sub-parts, diagrams/ flow-charts, inter-topic linkages, catchy terms, facts and figures, case studies/ illustrations/ anecdotes.