March 23rd, 2020       Civil Services Preparation

Generally speaking, there is no single magic formula to stay motivated rather it is a matter of constantly working on yourself. Self-motivation is very important to clear this exam which is considered to be one of the world’s toughest exams. So, every aspirant must figure out their own personal way of motivating themselves as no single method shall apply to all. However, the following few points can be kept in mind to make the process easier and smoother.

1. Setting realistic goals and sticking to them

  • This is of utmost importance as most students tend to make unrealistic goals which they more often than are unable to fulfil.
  • This then acts as one of the biggest sources of demotivation for them.
  • Thus, it is important to work steadily with purpose, set realistic small daily and weekly goals and try to stick to them.
  • In this process, one must always review their progress at regular intervals so that they can adjust their tempo or adjust the goals according to the needs.

2. Positive thinking

  • An even bigger challenge than clearing the exam is the challenge of overcoming the fear of the exam. If one constantly keeps thinking about the stories of failure around them and keeps losing tempo and morale, then one loses focus from the main path of preparation and is not able to get anything substantial done even after giving valuable time and energy to the preparation.
  • Thus, one needs to be optimistic, one needs to believe in self and the chances of clearing the exam, one should always try to work systematically in order to achieve the goals set out and get motivated by reading the success stories of the successful candidates.

3. Avoid burning out too soon

  • One should not get swayed by people who say that they used to study for a fixed number of hours eg. 10-12 hours every day.
  • One must study according to their own capacity and pace and take well deserved breaks in between.
  • This is a much more sustainable method of preparation than exhausting yourself too early and then having to take a complete break from studies for some days. It breaks the tempo of studying and is thus best avoided.

4. Having the right mind set

  • A capable civil servant must exhibit a very UPSC CSE Realistic Goals high level of emotional grit combined with mental strength, and that is one of the many qualities UPSC tests throughout the exam cycle.
  • One must be prepared to handle the stress and uncertainty associated with this exam. Family and good friends tend to come in very helpful for this.
  • Apart from this, a dependable person as your mentor or guide can also help you stay on track.

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