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A candidate entered the interview room. She was asked to give a glass of water and she did so. They said, “you are going to be a future IAS and you will serve water like this?” They had expected a sorry, telling which would have been a mistake.

The candidate politely replied “ I have been taught to obey an elder’s order since my childhood. Moreover, now, I am just an aspirant and my duty is to obey you and quench your thirst. Once I become an IAS and you visit my office. I will ring the bell for you to be served. After asking few more questions they said, “Miss Neha, your interview is over. We are quite impressed by your interview well done”.

Just imagine how it would feel to have such a remark. You too have to prepare for your interview so rigidly as Neha. If you fail to do so then it would be like getting your way to the apple tree but without the ability to pluck an apple.

So guys! Here are a few reliable ways that will help you to prepare well for your personal interview.

Judgments of the Personality Test Round

The qualities to be tested in this round or the basis on which you will be judged are:

  • How capable you are in reasoning.
  • The level of your awareness about the social, economic, political and other issues going on around you.
  • How strong you are in argument and narrative.
  • Your appreciation approaches for different points of view.
  • Your expression clarity.
  • The level or depth of interests.
  • Your personal attributes relevant to your interaction with others.
  • How suitable you are to be an administrator.
  • Your intellectual level, judgment capacity, alertness will be judged.
  • The human qualities like honesty, integrity, and leadership quality will be scanned too.

UPSC Interview

Questions asked

  • Contemporary issues and current affairs at domestic or international level.
  • Why do you opt for being a civil servant?
  • Choice of services
  • Questions about your educational institutions and other relevant matters to that.
  • Questions from your educational qualification and your subjects.
  • You can be asked about how you are going to use your educational qualification or your achievements in your stream subjects in rendering civil services.
  • Your hobbies, the reason behind pursuing them and other relevant questions.
  • You would be given an instance of some misshapen like a bomb blast in your town and asked what you would do about that.
  • Do you remember the form that you had filled and submitted to the UPSC? Yes…that form! You may be thrown questions from that form too as per what you have filled in it.
  • Some puzzles.
  • You can be asked to relate famous personalities to your name or someone having same name or surname.
  • Questions related to the city you belong to.

In the Interview Hall

  • No need of using any technical Jargon. Still, if the interviewer insists on the technical field then you may use some technical terms.
  • Give a brief introduction and arrive straight at the point.
  • Wherever possible show some concerns for the livings in your answers.
  • Have a cheerful face although in between you can swap to a serious one but not throughout the interview.
  • Don’t make an expression of being sorry.
  • Don’t use the conversational clichés like ‘of course’, ‘as you know’, ‘obviously’, ‘indeed’, ‘that’s correct’, etc.
  • Never bluff rather be honest while answering the questions.
  • You must just smile even though the board laughs at any instance. This will reflect the depth of your personality.
  • You need to be consistent logically and rational in analyzing your answer. You should defend your answers fairly and logically with due respect to the board.
  • Listen patiently and maintain a proper eye contact with all the board members.
  • Never throw your hands around or shake your head while speaking or as a gesture.
  • Don’t sit stiff on the chair rather sit in a good relaxed posture with your hands, not on the table.
  • Don’t prolong your answers too long. Listen to them carefully and think for a few seconds before you speak out your part.
  • Don’t evaluate your performance while in the interview room or don’t think much about the mistakes that you have done already.
  • Use common sense sometimes to reply certain questions.
  • Say less and convey more.
  • Accept your mistakes boldly and politely.
  • Before leaving, politely say ‘thank you sir/mam’ to the chairperson and nod your head at the other members.

UPSC Interview Preparation

Preparation before Interview

  • Prepare for the interview in groups. Have group discussions and share your views.
  • Although, personality is something natural and a lifetime asset but shaping it would help a lot before the interview. Start doing that well ahead.
  • Peep into your inner self and get to know you much well. Get aware of every bit about yourself.
  • While preparing for the interview you need not block your mind with lots of facts but you must build your ability to analyze or examine an issue efficiently.
  • Frame your own questions and answer them as you are going to do in the interview room. This will strengthen your confidence and polish your replies.
  • Go through the bio data and prepare for the aspects relevant to it like hobbies, your education, etc.
  • Get well acquainted with your hometown, cities. Enrich yourself with enough knowledge about this.
  • Go through various reputed newspapers and magazines. Have a discussion about those facts with your friends. Get to know the points of your lacking and patch it up.
  • You might have come across many myths regarding an IAS interview. Get over those rumors and have a positive attitude.
  • Have views about various subjects in a logical and rational way backed by appropriate data.
  • Attend mock interviews and refine your communication skills.
  • Have a deep knowledge regarding your optional subject and go through current happenings relevant to your optional subject.
  • Whether you are a postgraduate or graduate, get thorough with your graduation books.

Final Advice

Make your preparations well ahead to avoid any sort of unwanted scenario. When you are over with your final preparations go through the interview tips and experiences shared by previous IAS crackers. This ends your IAS interview preparation.

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