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Getting your targeted position in the civil service exams is neither impossible nor easy. Some crack it within few chances while for some the destiny has paved a long way. But, whatever may be two things that you need to keep up are your determination and consistency. Never losing hope and using the failure of the last chance as a ladder to climb up to the height will help you a lot.

“Don’t read success stories, you will only get a message. Read some failure stories you will get some ideas to get success.”
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Here is an instance for you to depict how someone’s hope and repeated trial after failing many times made him reach the goal.

Vivek Chauhan who had secured 300 AIR in CSE 2015 had actually failed in 4 prelims and 1 interview before succeeding in his 6th attempt in 2015. Living in Ghaziabad Vivek had to struggle daily in the local trains to his school 35 km away from his house. To sum up Vivek had to spend 5 hours in going to and from school every day. Dreaming of being a doctor, Vivek got selected into a teacher training course. After the completion of training, he got appointed as a teacher at the MCD school in Delhi.

Vivek then focused on his love life trying to promote it to marriage which took almost 5 years. Then on attending the age of 25, he started building an urge for the civil services exam. Although, 25 is too late to start preparing for a general candidate with only 4 chances left but he had also family responsibilities to shoulder. After carrying out crucial responsibilities towards his family, like younger brother and sister’s marriage, Vivek was all set to start preparing for his exams.

While working in the school Vivek was appointed as the General Secretary of the teacher’s association in 2009. This was one of the turning points for Vivek. While resolving the issues of teachers in the association, Vivek came in contact with higher officials and got aware of the power of the bureaucrat officers. This became the driving force behind Vivek’s urge for civil services exams. He tried his first attempt without much preparation and couldn’t succeed in it however he gathered a clear idea about the pattern of the exam.

The first attempt of Vivek was lost due to lack of preparation. A point to be noted here. Never term the first attempt that goes without any result as lost as this attempt may not have fetched you any result but have exposed you to the pattern and confidence.

Meanwhile, Vivek had achieved BA, MA, B. Ed degree and was pursuing LL.B and LL.M. In 2011 Vivek started preparing seriously for the next attempt. This attempt of the CSE 2012 although lost but was not that bad as it was lost only by 7 marks. This was not a failure at all as it encouraged Vivek more to proceed. He thought if he could come too close to the cut off marks then he can definitely make it in the next chance. So, he started preparing, being more dedicated.

For the third attempt, he prepared quite well with his friends and wife. He got through some forms of help from his friends that they had received from their coaching. After appearing the exam, Vivek was damn sure that he would score 216. But, unfortunately, he failed this time too scoring 206. Losing for the third time he was left with only 1 more attempt. All his family and friends including him were distressed with tears filling their eyes.

For the 4th attempt i.e. CSE 2013 with the help of a scorer friend and without a single experience of the mains round he managed to get 232 but this time, unfortunately, the cutoff crossed 241 and again Vivek lost.

You can imagine the height of discouragement and sorrow Vivek and his family might be facing after such repeated failure. Vivek was of 30 years by then left with no chance. So, he went back to his school to resume his job and face the comments, taunting or criticism of his fellow colleagues. He was started being considered as a least serious aspirant as he couldn’t even jump over the prelims. With no more civil service chances left, he thought of appearing for the state PCS exam.

However, Vivek’s fortune is meant only for IAS. Here was a good news for Vivek on his daughter’s birthday that UPSC had given 2 extra chances to the aspirants. It was a boon making Vivek feel like being on the top of the world. He again started preparing with more commitment. This time he not only cleared the prelims but also reached the interview level by cracking the mains round of CSE 2014. But, bad luck once again he lost in the interview round with 102 marks.

Again a great distressed but fighter Vivek didn’t lose hope. After failing for 5 continuous years he was going through a blend of emotions. He had the fear of losing the last chance and at the same time also had the confidence gained from reaching the interview round previous time. This time for the final fight he prepared himself with the strategy of the prelims, mains, and interview to the perfection learning from the previous mistakes.

10th May 2016 was the day that Vivek and his family had been eagerly waiting for since last 7 years. It was an AIR 300 setting an example for all the aspirants. That day the waves of joy and happiness had no limitations for Vivek and his family.

Keep Trying

Wrap up

So, aspirants apart from having adequate coaching and other means of preparing for the civil service exams must also do something on their part. They must prepare for the exam with lots of patience and hope in them. This will drive them forward even after losing in one of the chances. This is why we at Apti Plus not only offer educational guidance but also moral guidance to the aspirants for their success.

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