March 16th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation

College is definitely a very good time to start the preparation if the aspirant has been able to make up his/her mind in this regard. In fact, it gives one an opportunity to capitalise on the early advantage. It helps one to get a broad idea of various concepts and ideas much earlier and thus the entire process of preparation becomes that much smoother.

While in college, a student can either go for self-preparation or try to seek some guidance from an established institute in their city (eg. APTI PLUS ACADEMY FOR CIVIL SERVICES in Kolkata and Bhubaneswar). Either way, there are some basics that need to be followed and sincere efforts that need to be put in.

Firstly, one needs to go through the CSE syllabus available on the UPSC website as many number of times as possible to really understand the ambit of the exam. This exercise will help you at every step of the way be it for studying from the right books or for recognising what kind of topics and articles to be covered from a current affairs perspective.

Secondly, it is very important to go through question papers of previous years, both of Prelims as well as Mains. This helps one to get an idea of the kind of questions asked as well as the pattern followed by UPSC. For eg. you would realise that they tend to ask all types of questions ranging from factual to analytical questions. This exercise thus helps one to be able to self-assess the kind of preparation (both in terms of depth to cover and the sources to be covered) for all types of syllabus topics.

Thirdly, it is advisable that before moving on to other sources, one should complete all the relevant NCERTs of the subjects in the syllabus. This is something which any student at any stage of their college year can grasp easily and also have the time to cover them comprehensively. One should try to cover the NCERTs comprehensively and thereafter evaluate their preparation by practising some questions framed from NCERTs (These are easily available online, or if you want to seek guidance from a coaching institute APTI PLUS ACADEMY FOR CIVIL SERVICES has Chapter wise MCQs for practice from all NCERTs). Once these are covered, you can move on to standard textbooks for preparation. The list of relevant books to be covered can be found on our website.

Fourthly, another added advantage of starting the preparation in college itself is that, if one’s optional paper subject overlaps with any of the subjects in the graduation course, then special focus can be given to the syllabus topics when they are being taught in college and self-notes can be prepared, etc. which shall prove to be immensely helpful in the preparation later on. If one feels comfortable, one can also try writing a few answers to previous years’ questions.

Fifthly, one needs to develop the habit of reading the newspaper every day. The Hindu or Indian Express can be read for quality articles. Try to take out some time everyday to either go to the library to read the newspapers and Yojana/Kurukshetra magazines or even read the news on websites and mobile apps. One should also try to participate in college events such as essay and debate competitions.

Last but not the least, it is advisable to maintain some sort of balance between college studies and civil services’ preparation. Civil services preparation shouldn’t be done at the expense of college education. Try to make optimum utilisation of your time and study in a planned manner by setting small targets.

Civil Services Preparation In College Strategy

After the college is over, it is advisable to dedicate one full year to preparation and take the first attempt in the subsequent year. During this one year you can join the Foundation Course of an established institute and take valuable guidance from their faculty members. This approach helps one to cover everything comprehensively and not waste too much time trying to figure out things on their own.

APTI PLUS ACADEMY FOR CIVIL SERVICES would be a good choice for students looking for quality content and guidance along with a dedicated team of support staff to help you out at every step of the preparation. Contact the institute for further details and all the best for preparation!

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