May 8th, 2019       IAS Interview

First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH APTI PLUS for being the part of my journey towards CIVIL SERVICES. I was part of your Mock Interview program. It was a really good experience with you.

I will brief and cover some important points:

Candidate’s profile

  • B.TECH in Mechanical Engg. From IIT Delhi 2010-14
  • Worked for 2 years in an Analytics firm, Integreon India Pvt. Lmt. Noida
  • CSE 2017: 1st Attempt, Interview Marks 135 – missed the UPSC Bus by 12 marks
  • CSE 2018: AIR 443
  • Optional: Mathematics

Electronic Vs Paper material:

  • Comfortable with both: preferred electronic (easy to maintain – most importantly CHEAPER


  • Focus on individual stage – Prelims, Mains, and Personality Test
  • Self study coupled with Test series for Mains (both GS and Optional- Maths)


  • CSAT GS: Attempt as many tests as possible but also REVISE TESTS
  • CSAT Aptitude: please do not ignore especially if you don’t have mathematics background (people in IIT also sometimes find it difficult (CSE2017))
  • At least attempt 4-5 test before Prelims – No need for lot of efforts in this paper
  • My personal strength more on attempting number of question than high level of accuracy

Mains –

Write as many test as possible within TIMELIMIT and REVISE

  • Compulsory Paper: Please prepare these 2 papers at least a night
  • Don’t be complacent in exam: Complete paper on time
  • Essay: Write many essays and get it evaluated by many
  • Write story, facts, quotes, govt schemes and cover many dimensions
  • GS 1, 2, 3: Cover standard books and any good coaching’s current affairs
  • GS 4: write in simple language, give many examples from real life
  • Speed and Neat writing matters – Draw Diagrams, flow charts, tables etc
  • Optional: Maths – practice a lot, remember Formulae by Heart and Give Tests


Prepare dedicatedly especially on Hot Issues

  • Before Interview – relax, read newspaper etc.
  • During Interview – Maintain calmness, posture, confidence, eye contact, smile, humbleness, positive attitude etc.

UPSC reforms:

  • There can be some minor changes here and there, but entire process very sound and logical (mostly)


  • Maintain hardwork, optimism and perseverance
  • Revise as much as possible
  • Have limited resources – only standard books and Current Affairs

I am everything by sacrifices of my family members – No one was graduate from family in generations before me – financial hardships are difficult to count but little estimation by the fact that my father worked as tailor, my mother helped (finishing of shirt, pants – adding button, iron out clothes etc.) along with household chores, my grandfather worked till age of 70 in construction work as Manson along with work in small fields during evening time in crop cutting season.

My younger brother Amit and friends with whom I discussed, studied etc. Teachers who created basic foundations during my school time.

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