April 26th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation

Dear aspirants,

These are really tough times worldwide. Further, due to COVID-19 the circumstances are unforeseen and beyond everyone’s anticipation. It is hoped that all of you have been following the government guidelines, taking extreme precaution and are doing everything possible to be in good health. You people must be in a state of anxiety not only due to the uncertainty associated with the virus but also due to the fact that your main goal seems to be uncertain in present circumstances. Your minds must be clogged with lot of questions such as when will the exam will happen? Will it get postponed? How should I chart my preparation? And all such type of questions. These must be making you puzzled and confused.

This article tries to address these questions and give you do’s and don’ts to be followed and help you strategize your preparation so that the you make the most of the present phase.

In these difficult times, you should remain focused and not lose sight of your goal. Due to the lockdown the classroom lectures remain cancelled. However, APTI ACADEMY FOR CIVIL SERVICES remains committed and stands with you all and is doing everything to help your preparation in every way that is possible. The institute has initiated online classes to help you people. IASGYAN is being regularly updated with the latest news updates, daily quiz, summaries of RSTV, PIB, AIR, Yojana, Kurukshetra, editorial analysis etc. Prelims express classes are being provided at a discount for the aspirants. (LINKS HAVE BEEN PROVIDED AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE)

It needs to be remembered that you do not get distracted and digress from your preparation. With the uncertainty associated with virus and the prelims test, we suggest you to follow the following do’s and don’ts:


  • The biggest positive for you people from preparation point of view is that there is no or the least intrusion in your studies during this lockdown period. You people, especially the working ones, cannot get a better time to make use of. Recently, a student asked the Chief Minister of Delhi a query regarding his studies. The CM, a former IITIAN and ex-bureaucrat replied that during his preparation days he used to cut off himself from the outside world in his room. Lockdown is providing you this advantageous situation. THE BEST THAT CAN BE DONE DURING THIS PERIOD IS SELF STUDY.
  • The most vital weapon in the hands of you people in this prestigious exam is REVISION. However, 95% of people preparing for CSE have always ignored this aspect. To ace this exam, one needs to follow limited number of resources rather than everything under the sky and then revise those sources at least 10 to 12 times. This is the basic mantra of success in this exam.
  • During this lockdown period, you people will be cut off from the ‘preparation environment’ that is classroom, peer group, offline exams etc. So there is a need to sustain the correct mindset and not to take things casually.
  • Further, you should study the daily news, editorials and day to day happening from the IAS GYAN website and follow the online classes religiously.
  • A very important aspect is to test your preparation regularly. For this attempt the daily quiz, MCQs, polls that are being uploaded and conducted on IASGYAN, Telegram, facebook and instagram pages of the institute.
  • Ensure that you people attempt the online test series of the institute to assess your preparation and performance and then revise and continue to learn.
  • There is a need to balance between the dynamic and the static parts. During this lockdown period, you can easily extract 12 to 14 hours for the preparation and devote ample time to both dynamic, static and exam part daily. For example, 4 hours to static part like polity, geography, 4 hours to dynamic like current affairs, 2 hours to revision and 2 hours for test.
  • Those who are giving the prelims 2020, focus on General Studies and CSAT only during this period. Set aside your optional and essay preparation.
  • Do not ignore CSAT exam. Attempt two tests weekly from APTI PLUS test series and UPSC previous year papers.


  • Do not speculate about the postponement of the exam. Prepare as if exam will be conducted on time.
  • Further, do not be in a vacation mode. You should be in war mode right now from the exam point of view with only one and a half month left for the exam. Remember, lockdown is for everyone and keep in mind that working aspirants are getting extra time for their preparation.
  • Do not play with your health. Strictly follow the government guidelines.
  • Do not procrastinate, thinking that all the exam stages will get postponed. Everyone is getting this extra time. So make optimum utilization of it.
  • Do not waste time on social media apps, online tv shows/web series, following the COVID-19 etc.

It is hoped that you people will follow these do’s and don’ts diligently. The basic mantra to be followed in this period is ‘STAY AT HOME, STAY FOCUSSED ON YOUR GOAL, STUDY HARD AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH’. And lastly, BE A RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN OF YOUR COUNTRY.

APTI PLUS Academy stands with all you people.


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