Candidates have to choose one optional subject for the Main Examination. Apti Plus offers such subjects which have maximum syllabus overlap/connection and strategic relevance with the compulsory papers of General Studies. These courses are meticulously designed to ensure content differentiation, score enhancement and completeness of coverage.

Optional Subjects offered for the Main Examination are: Sociology, Geography, Political Science, International Relations.

Course fees:  Rs. 23,600/-

Validity: 3 months

Why You Should Join This Programme?

  •  Makes you feel like you are inside Apti Plus’s classroom.
  • Systematic approach to syllabus completion via class plan
  • Targeted to crack the exam in ?rst attempt



  • Information-static and dynamic
  • Application of information
  • Opportunity to watch pre-recorded videos as many times
  • Highly qualified and most experienced faculty fraternity who teach in the best coaching institutes of India.
  • Courses are designed to help candidate even without a prior background in the subject.
  • Detailed-analytical study of the subject with respect to UPSC syllabus & previous years’ questions will be completed in a comprehensive and time bound manner.


  • Peer to peer learning
  • Personal mentorship under India’s top educators.
  • Weekly live doubt clearing sessions
  • Prompt grievance redressal mechanism

Test and feedback:

  • Online lecture will be followed by MCQ discussion for Prelims & Subjective Question discussion for Mains.
  •   Mains Test Series
  • Prompt grievance redressal mechanism.
  • Periodic assignments and tests will be given to check concept clarity and do revision of the topics covered. Answer Writing will focus on improving answer writing capability.


  • Comprehensive- updated study material will be provided to the students on a regular basis.

And host of other resources through Apti Plus’s LMS!!!


  • Know your syllabus thoroughly. Before you start with your preparation for CSE, read the syllabus many a times to comprehend the demand of the examination.
  • Your own strategy is the right strategy.
  • Reading NCERT text-books thoroughly is of utmost importance to crack this examination.
  • The key is revision.

How to choose the optional?

Choosing the correct optional subject is the biggest dilemma faced by any CSE aspirant. The importance of the correct selection can be judged by the fact that if one looks at the performance of top 100 ranks in the final merit list, the deal breaker are the marks in optional and interview. Marks in GS are almost the same!!!

However, more often than not, it is observed that aspirants end up choosing the wrong optional which hampers their chance for selection. In addition to this, having chosen the wrong optional in earlier attempts they have to switch to other in the next, which leads to wastage of critical resources.

Factors to be considered:

  • Interest in the subject
  • Understanding ability and confidence level on that subject
  • Understanding eg: graduation subject
  • Syllabus and role of current affairs
  • Subject integration with GS Syllabus to simplify preparation
  • Analysis of previous year papers
  • Availability of Good teachers, materials, guidance/ peer group, tests etc

STEP 1: Take out a printout of the CSE Notification.

STEP 2: Read the optional list showing the 26 optional subjects

STEP 3: Strike out the subjects you will not take no matter what. Eg: A commerce graduate won’t take Mechanical or Civil engineering or likewise. Also, simultaneously keep going through the detailed syllabus for the subject before striking out.

STEP 4: As the number of options becomes lesser, eliminate with more care-only if you are 100% sure of not picking that one.

STEP 5: Now you will be left with 3-5 subjects. Now consider the above mentioned factors and prepare a chart.

STEP 6: Now rank the above priority wise.

STEP 7: Now zero upon an optional. Read the basic books for at least a week. You will be able to clearly analyse your aptitude for the optional and whether you will be able to read it for long time. If answer is NO, move to next priority and follow the same process.

STEP 8: Now finalize the optional.


  • Guidance of Apti Plus acts like the lighthouses of the seashore.
  • CSE preparation needs a planned approach which is systematic & well designed and Apti Plus is too good at its execution.
  • Provides aspirant with the exam-oriented study materials and the direction of what all to read.
  • Instills competitive and fighting spirit, dedication and motivation for success
  • Very ecosystem of Apti Plus is enabling in the sense that it develops one’s cognitive skills
  • Covering Syllabus in Time Bound Manner
  • Continued Guidance: The ‘X’ Factor for Preparation
  • Broadening the scope of Improvement
  • The Edge called Psychological Advantage