Apti Plus through its Mains Program offers that kind of conducive 360-degree platform which meets each and every requirement of the 'LEARN, REVISE & PRACTICE, TEST, IMPROVE, SUCCEED' mantra. One can 'Revise, Practice & Improve' and stay ahead of the curve with Mains Answer Writing Evaluation Programme known for its codified objective criteria, uniform standards and timely, constructive, personalised and practical inputs on all aspects of answer writing. The programme aims to develop an analytical perspective in aspirants and ensure continuous improvement using evaluation, feedback and personal mentorship. One-to-one personalised mentorship and trusted and expert guidance enables the aspirants to get their performance evaluated anytime from anywhere and helps them learn at their own pace.

Features of this Program:

  • Monthly 20 answers
  • Answer evaluation by experts
  • Get evaluated answers within 48 hours with personalized feedback
  • Source of question can be from anywhere
  • Monthly Fees: Rs.800/-
  • 3 Months Fees: Rs. 2000/- (total 60 answers)
  • 100% Refund Policy (if not satisfied)

APTI PLUS Answer evaluation is known for:

  • Codified objective critieria
  • Evaluation on uniform standards
  • Constructive suggestions
  • Timely, personalized and practical inputs on all aspects of answer writing
  • Experts who assess answers in a professional manner
  • Timely evaluation and feedback