October 2nd, 2020       Civil Services Preparation

One day before exam tips:


  • Try to relax by meditating and praying.
  • Spend some time with family and friends.
  • Check your centre, admit card, black ball point pens.
  • Take timely dinner and adequate sleep.
  • If the centre is in another city, then reach the destination city a day before the exam day.
  • Visit the examination centre a day before the exam, to avoid any last-minute confusion.
  • Get your biological clock tuned to the exam timings.


  • Don’t sleep during the day as it may create difficulty in the night.
  • Don’t discuss about exam as it will increase anxiety level.
  • Avoid night journey.
  • Do not read any new study material.
  • Do not set any target of marks you want to score in the Prelims.
  • Avoid Distractions – especially social media.

General Instructions for the examination venue:


  • Bring the e-Admit Card (print out) along with the (original) Photo Identity Card, whose number is mentioned in the e-Admit Card, in each session to secure admission to Examination Hall.
  • Make sure to carry sufficient number of black ball point pens.
  • Reach the exam venue at least half an hour before the commencement of the exam.
  • Read the ‘Special Instructions for candidates admitted to the Examination’ given in the ‘Rules for the Examination’ available in Examination Notice and the ‘Poster’ containing instructions displayed outside the Examination Venue.
  • Wearing of mask/face cover is mandatory for all candidates.
  • You may carry your own hand sanitizer (small size) in transparent bottle.
  • You need to follow COVID 19 norms of ‘social distancing’ as well as ‘personal hygiene’ inside the Examination Halls/Rooms as well as in the premises of the Venue.
  • You may take chocolate for the exam to ease the anxiety level.


  • You should not be in possession of any electronic equipment or programmable device or storage media.
  • Watches fitted with any special accessory that might be used as communication device or smart watches are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not carry any other pen except Black Ball Point Pen.
  • Do not to bring any valuables/ costly items and bags to the Examination Venue.

Tips for the exam:


  • Pay attention to the keywords: Questions in the prelims are tricky. And thus, reading of the question becomes very important.
  • Relating the information given is important: Sometimes the aspirants feel that they have not read on a particular topic and thus, that question they cannot answer. However, some such questions can be solved easily by relating the information given to your knowledge base.
  • Time management in the exam is very important.
  • Educated guessing: There will be questions where the aspirant will feel confused between options and will have difficulty in zeroing in on the right answer. And thus, Guessing becomes very important in this MCQ examination. However, aspirants should never go for wild guessing.
  • Always keep in mind that there is a provision of negative marking in prelims and hence one has to be careful while marking the right answer in the OMR sheet.


  • Do not discuss Paper 1 questions during the exam break.
  • Don’t panic and be ready for surprises, because that’s what UPSC is known for.
  • Don’t lose hope even if there are difficult questions at the beginning of the Exam. Keep calm and move onto the next question.
  • Do not use whitener etc on the OMR sheet and do not tamper with it.
  • Avoid eating too much during the break.

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