July 11th, 2020       UPSC

UPSC CSE interview process for the remaining 624 candidates is around the corner. The interview process will begin on 20th July and go on till the 30th of July. It is the last phase of this arduous journey for the aspirants. Moreover, it becomes all the more anxious and tiring owing to the pandemic.

 Nevertheless, the aspirants should keep in mind that this 20 to 40 minutes’ exercise can make a 100 marks difference in the final total marks and can make an aspirant enter the final merit list or can lead to an end of the journey. Hence, there is a need to have the correct last minute’ strategy and cognitive framework to ace the interview.

 First of all, it is very important to go through the UPSC instructions regarding COVID-19:

  • It will be mandatory for every candidate to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene all the times.
  • Every candidate will wash or sanitize his/her hands at regular intervals and will not spit in public places.
  • The candidates will have to wear proper face mask all the time while they are in the Commission’s premises.
  • However, they will have to remove their face mask as and when asked by the exam functionaries, for verification purposes.
  • A candidate will immediately inform the Commission if he/she is COVID-19 positive or having symptoms similar to the symptoms of this disease at the email ID csm-upsc@nic.in.
  • If a candidate is COVID-19 positive or having symptoms similar to the symptoms of this disease, his/her case will be decided by the Commission separately and he/she will be informed at his/her registered email immediately.

What will you be evaluated upon

Evaluation criterion

  • Reasoning capability
  • Personal attributes relevant to interaction with others
  • Awareness about political, social and economic issues
  • Suitability as an administrator
  • Depth of interest
  • Appreciation towards different point of views
  • Clarity in expression
  • Intellectual level
  • How strong you are in argument and narrative.
  • Judgment capacity
  • Honesty, integrity, and leadership quality
  • Alertness

Here are some golden tips that will help the aspirants ace the interview…

Golden tips

  • Every answer that a candidate gives should be based on logic, rationality and not bounded by emotions and likewise factors.
  • Another very important thing is to be honest in the answers. Honest and truthful answers will make one do wonders in the interview rather than ideal or readymade answers.
  • Communicate well: one should portray clarity of thought, understanding while speaking.
  • Be to the point: Answers should be concise and precise.
  • Be thorough with the current affairs.
  • Every answer should be a balanced answer. Candidate should refrain from making extreme statements.
  • Emotional Intelligence matters: Be calm and portray moral integrity. Never bluff in the answers.
  • Maintain a positive body language.
  • Dress neatly.
  • No need of using any technical Jargon. Still, if the interviewer insists on the technical field then you may use some technical terms.
  • Give a brief introduction and arrive straight at the point.
  • Wherever possible show some concerns for the livings in your answers.
  • Have a cheerful face although in between you can swap to a serious one but not throughout the interview.
  • Don’t use the conversational clichés like ‘of course’, ‘as you know’, ‘obviously’, ‘indeed’, ‘that’s correct’, etc.
  • You must just smile even though the board laughs at any instance. This will reflect the depth of your personality.
  • Listen patiently and maintain a proper eye contact with all the board members.
  • Never throw your hands around or shake your head while speaking or as a gesture.
  • Don’t sit stiff on the chair rather sit in a good relaxed posture with your hands, not on the table.
  • Don’t evaluate your performance while in the interview room or don’t think much about the mistakes that you have done already.
  • Use common sense sometimes to reply certain questions.
  • Say less and convey more.
  • Accept your mistakes boldly and politely.
  • Before leaving, politely say ‘thank you sir/mam’ to the chairperson and nod your head at the other members.






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