Ensure your dream selection with APTI PLUS Academy's UPSC CSE MOCK INTERVIEW GUIDANCE PROGRAMME.  Learn to score 200+ marks with APTI PLUS Academy’s mock interviews in an ambience which is akin to the actual UPSC CSE interview and give yourself an unassailable lead.

Key Highlights:

  • Tips on how to engage in a natural, directed and purposive conversation
  • Capacity building for tackling situation-based/ open-ended questions and presenting diverse viewpoints
  • Sharpen your analytical ability, lateral thinking, logical decision making
  • Guidance on speech, tone and body language
  • Intense one-on-one evaluation and training                             
  • Free interview guidance
  • Flexible slots                                                                                              
  • Free DAF analysis and interview material 

Personalised Assessment And Mentorship Sessions:

  • Mock interviews are conducted in an ambience that is akin to the actual UPSC CSE interview.
  • Esteemed panel members consist of senior retired bureaucrats, personality experts and eminent professors.
  •  A critical assessment on grounds of personality, general knowledge and ethical standards.
  • Guidance on the major shortcomings and suggestions to overcome them.
  • Post-interview performance analysis is conducted by the panel members.
  • The recorded videos of the Interview sessions are provided for self-evaluation and analysis of performance.


Aspirants learn about the following:

  • How to present your personal suitability for a career in public service?
  • How to inculcate mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, the ability for social cohesion and leadership?
  • How to methodically answer a wide range of questions?
  • How to portray Emotional Intelligence?
  • How to maintain positive body language and portray clarity of thought, understanding?
  • How to give balanced, honest, concise and precise answers based on logic, rationality?

Interview Materials:

High-quality revolutionized learning modules that have been rigorously designed to ensure that you ace the interview.

  • Volume 1:
    • Polity
    • Geography
    • International Relations
    • Economy
    • Economic Survey and Budget.
  • Volume 2:
    • Science and Technology
    • Social Issues and Social Justice
    • Environment
    • Art and Culture