Preservance upsc

Perseverance means continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition : the condition of STEADFASTNESS.

An inspiring story of perseverance….

Vijay Vardhan who secured 104th rank in UPSC Civil Services exam in 2018 failed in more than 35 exams before hitting the bull’s eye. It took him 5 attempts to finally clear the UPSC Civil Services examination and some 30 odd other government examinations. Vijay’s journey started in 2013 when he came to Delhi to prepare for UPSC Civil Services exam. It took him 6 years and numerous failed attempts to ultimately succeed in life.

In 2014, for the first time, Vijay attempted for UPSC Civil Services exam in which he failed. In 2015 he again attempted for the exam and cleared the preliminary exam but was unable to qualify UPSC Civil Services Main exam. In the following years, 2016 and 2017 he attempted for the exam but could not clear it. Determined more than even, he tried again in 2018 and this time he carried it through. From clearing the UPSC Prelims to mains and then the interview, Vijay Wardhan kept clearing hurdle after hurdle. The end result, he was victorious and secured 104th rank in the UPSC Civil Services 2018.

But it was not only the UPSC Civil Services examinations. He attempted a total of 35 examinations but remained unsuccessful. Vijay appeared for various Grade A and Grade B government exams. The list included UP PCS, Haryana PCS, Punjab PCS, SSC CGL, LIC, NABARD, ISRO, Haryana Excise Inspector, RRB NTPC, RBI Grade B. In most of these exams he cleared the prelims but was unable to crack the main exam or interview.

The list of failures may crack any person and force them to give up on their dreams. But Vijay epitomised the adage – what does not break you, makes you stronger. His dream in site, Vijay continued to strife for his dreams and his perseverance paid off.

Story of mother and baby giraffe…

When mother giraffe gives birth to a baby, the baby giraffe falls on the ground with force because giraffe is very tall, and as it tries to understand where it has fallen, at that time, immediately mother giraffe stands over it and kicks it really hard. The baby giraffe falls at distance and tries to gather its senses, again the mother giraffe comes and stands over it and again gives it another hard kick. Thereupon, the baby giraffe understands if i don’t act now, i will keep getting hard kicks. Then fallen baby giraffe, starts trying to get up on its wobbly legs and succeeds. But then again mother giraffe kicks the baby and again the baby falls and understands if i don’t stand and run i will be kicked again and again, now the baby giraffe starts running and at the moment, the mother giraffe comes and starts kissing and embracing the baby. The Mother giraffe is aware that, there are ferocious animals in the forest, tiger, wolf etc who love soft flesh of newborn animals and the mother giraffe can’t stay with baby giraffe all the time, so if it goes away, who will protect the baby? That is why, as soon as baby is born, the mother giraffe kicks baby giraffe hard, so that it learns how to stand. So she kicks again the baby remembers how to stand, and again she kicks baby so that the baby not just stands up, but starts running.

What should be done by a civil servant?

• Believe in self: try, try and try again until you succeed
• Identify reasons for failure: no one is perfect. focus on both strengths and weaknesses (most aspirants just focus on their strengths). Do a meticulous analysis of test series results and work on the weaknesses.
• Be in a positive environment
• Be patient: time heals all difficulties and hope is a great balm, Work hard for a better tomorrow
• Introspect
• Never give up: nothing is impossible, problems are part of the journey which are going to be resolved ultimately
• Acknowledge your success
• Follow simple/ uncomplicated approach: Jump onto the IAS bandwagon with a proper strategy for the subjects.

• Do not lose the ‘BALANCE’: remain consistent. It is not like do hard work for 6 months and then nothing. Maintain a balance in almost all spheres of life-neither eat too much nor exercise too much. Maintain balance between static and dynamic portions of the syllabus. They just take a break of few days and start preparing for mains/interview again.
• Do not believe in rumours: do not allow things to demotivate and distract you. Focus solely on the preparation and nothing else.
• Read from limited sources and revise the limited set of books, notes that have been prepared at least 3-5 times. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE LOST IN ONLINE OCEANS…
• Do not procrastinate: Many aspirants plan thoroughly and set monthly, weekly and daily goals. But, due to procrastination are unable to complete them. It leads to piling up of topics to be covered. It leads to stress and skipping of topics and ultimately giving up.
• Do not allow fear of failure stifles you into inaction. Successful candidates do not allow fear to hamper their preparation.
• Attitude: Cracking the UPSC civil services is not for the faint-hearted or languid ones.Stay motivated and stay hungry.
• Cover the basics first, then go to intermediate level, and only once intermediate is cemented in the grey matter, go to advance stuff.
• Do not ignore the body: continuously do exercise, maintain yourself physically emotionally and mentally, pursue your hobbies/passion.
• Remember the harder you work, the luckier you will get.

Finally, embrace the hard reality-that in this exam there are only 2 possibilities-one will either SUCCEED or will either fail. Before undertaking this journey one should be ready to face any unpredictable circumstance/hardship/risk. To put it simply, ONE SHOULD BE READY TO EMBRACE FAILURES. Tough times, failures, hardships are inevitable. No matter how strong or powerful or confident one is, tough times will come: viciously forcing their might and causing one to crumble.


NEVER GIVE UP… LEARN FROM FAILURES AND TRY TO CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE … PERSEVERANCE AND SMART WORK SHOULD BE YOUR TRAITS….Be prepared to work really hard for 1.5 to 4 years. ..2/3rd of your life is now in a committed relationship ..avoid giving any mind share to a new activity… ALWAYS KEEP THE SAME INTENSITY…