June 30th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation, UPSC

You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure. –  Gordon B. Hinckley

The statement holds true in the case of UPSC Preparation. The foundation of UPSC preparation is laid by NCERT Books. The initial 2-3 Months of the preparation should be focused on NCERT Books Only.

Relevance of NCERT books

  1. Basic understanding of subjects
  • Very simple language, lucid and written in a very neutral perspective makes NCERT , the base of entire UPSC preparation.
  • Conceptual understanding through NCERT’s books helps in understanding current issues , reading newspapers in an efficient way and making the most of other supplementary books.
  • Mains answer writing language should be similar to the writing style of these books which make them as the fundamental element while preparing for the Mains examination
  1. Helps in preparing Geography and Histroy topics for Mains
  • Geography NCERT’s of class 11 and 12 and History NCERT’s of class 10 and 11 are the most comprehensive books for covering prelims and mains syllabus of UPSC in one go
  • Provides a solid foundation for understanding the requirement of questions asked in the exam.
  1. Prelims questions directly asked from NCERT’s
  • Though the prelims of late has become highly unpredictable , even then 20-30 basic questions still being asked which has direct linkage to NCERT’s
  • Prelims exam has a healthy mix of conceptual, theoretical and current related questions of which basic concept and theoretical part can still be easily done through NCERT’s
  • For an engineering background student, NCERT provides basic understanding of past and present India in various domains such as social, economic, political, historical, geographical etc. These become handy in understanding prelims questions and choose the relevant correct option .
  1. Authentic and reliable information
  • In the sea of information freely available across internet and various books of various publications, checking for authentic and reliability is quite a tedious task.
  • As, NCERT’s are a proper government source with each information duly verified and from authentic sources. The information provided is taken to be the universally academically true and thus provide a base to build upon it.

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