April 8th, 2019       IAS Interview

Name of the Candidate – Sushant Singh

Board: Air Marshal Bhonsle

Date: 19th of February

1. CM: U look familiar?
2. How did u celebrate your birthday
3. What is the goal of public administration
4. Public aspiration is too large a term
5. what is the Hindi word for welfare
6. What is public welfare

1. M1 what is the situation in Afghanistan
2. Will it have any impact on India
3. Is nato dead
4. One minute debate on women are not weak
5. What is monetary policy
6. What are the main tools for that

1. M2 fugitive economic offender provision
2. What is the sanctioned amount for taking action
3. What is the relation between information/digita-l tech with bio tech
4. 2 traits that machines have that humans dont
5. Do u think there is relevance for generalist in the era of specialisation
6. How can humanities background aid in better administration
7. What kind of poetry do u write

1. M4 biodisel ?

1. (M5) why do people go to varansai to die
2. Don’t u think it’s a problem
3. What is advaita
4. Can u tell me the difference between yoga naturopathy and alleopathy
5. Are leaders born or made
6. What is ur opinion precisely
7. Give me some names from common background who became great leaders

1. CM : but leaders can’t depend on followers. No point in being a leader if u can’t motivate ur team
2. What was the failure in pulwama on part of leadership. Still investigation is happening u give me your thoughts.
3. Leaders and posdcorb function
4. Problems of alipurduar
5. Why is 24 north paragana famous.
6. Some issues and why in news.
7. So u have made plans for the evening.
8. Happy belated birthday.

Interview over.

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