April 8th, 2019       IAS Interview

Name of the Candidate: Sumit Kumar Rai
Board: Smita Nagraj
DoI: 28th March 2019

Background: Oil Industry
Hobby: Poetry
Public administration


1. natural resources: Should government have full control?
2. Should private sector be allowed?
3. Coal nationalisation, coal allocation(interrelated and follow up qns)
4. What private sector brings
5. Private sector in other fields etc.


1. TAPI, IPI projects.. feasibility, India role
2. What India can do to secure pipelines
3. How do you see Afganistan-Pakistan relationship
4. Taliban.. should we be worried about taliban coming to power.
5. Some other qns on same theme…India-pakistan-Afganistan-Taliban


1. Name some Hindi poets
2. Tulsidas .how do you place him in this?
3. Solar energy…has infinite potential does that mean we can have infinite energy?
4. What are the obstacles?
5. Our renewable energy target?
6. Solar energy vs thermal energy.


1. IIT, gold medalist,good job…why you want to come to civil service?
2. Your contribution in civil services and in your own industry? How do you see both? Should not you be in oil industry?
3. Someone said for our country ” we have enough natural resources for our needs” how do you see the statement ( mentioned about natural gas hydrate in Indian ocean, 5th largest coal reserve)
4. Then we should not focus on renewables, rather focus on these resources? Why we should focus on renewables?( follow up with few questions)


1. India is a federal country, how the fiscal relationship between state and centre is decided?
2. States say that all the taxes are generated in states, centre gets taxes from it and then returns very less …is it justifed, are states right? ( Talked about finance commission and equality, allocation aspect)
3. Are finance commission recommendation binding?
4. Does it require parliament approval?


1. How come you stay in Delhi, when you are working in other state( explained my working pattern)
2. Enquired about my work pattern
3. What do you miss most there.

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