April 25th, 2019       IAS Interview

Name: Kiranmayi Koppisetti
AIR – 573
Board: Smitha Nagraj Mam
14-03-2019 afternoon 2nd to go
Background MBBS MS


1. Do you think there is a nexus between doctors and pharmaceutical companies for prescribing branded drugs?
2. Is there a need for capping fees in pvt hospitals?
3. If you cap the fees and packages,
4. Who will show interest in establishing hospitals?


1. So you are from Hyderabad.
2. Tell me two good things about hyderabad.
3. Two bad things.
4. Why is there traffic problem in all the cities?
5. How important is independence of institutions?
6. How is CBI Director appointed?
7. CJI is appointed by government. So he may not be independent?
8. If given a choice which place would you visit for a holiday and why?


1. What is the difference between Vipassana and other forms of meditation?(Hobby)
2. Is there an Institute for police training in Hyderabad?
3. State police training Institute and whom is it named after?


1. Why civil services after Medicine?
2. What do you want to do to improve the health system?
3. Is there any recent proposal to change the name of Hyderabad?
4. What was the reason for state bifurcation?
5. So people from Andhra were smart to occupy all jobs in Telangana?


1. Why surgical branches are being less preferred for PG?
2. Tell me one negative thing each about allopathy, homeopathy and ayurveda.


1. So what do you do in your free time, Movies?
2. U have such a musical voice. Do you also sing?

Thank You.

Board was very cordial. Not giving a clue on how our performance was.

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