April 25th, 2019       IAS Interview

Name: Hitesh Kumar Meena (Rajasthan)
AIR – 413
Board – P K Joshi
Btech – IIT BHU Varanasi. (Civil engg).
Mtech – IIT Delhi (transportation engg).
Optional – Civil engineering and forestry.
Date – 31st Jan (1st one to go).
Duration – 30-35 minutes.


After reading all my qualifications….
1. Which civil engg architecture you have visited in Delhi ?
2. What is the difference between new buildings and old architecture in Delhi ?
3. Have u seen iron pillar? why it is not rusted till now ?
4. Have u visited any express highway? What is the difference between express highway and national highway?
5. What is taxiway? Which material is used for taxi way?
6. Use of civil engg in forest service?

Member 1

1. What is social forestry …difference between social and agro forestry?
2. What is silvi culture?
3. Impact of dam construction on forest area? What is water logging? What is salinity?
4. How u will control soil erosion?
5. Which species you will choose for increasing forest cover in Rajasthan?
6. What is the role of forest survey of India institute? Where it’s headquarter situated
7. What is cold desert?
8. Different methods of timber seasoning?
9. What is EIA? it’s significance

Member 2

1. What is joint forest management? What is the importance of it?
2. How u will solve agrarian distress?
3. Impact of noise pollution on wildlife?
4. Your hobby is playing badminton at which level you have played badminton?
5. What was green Revolution?
6. What is ethanobotany?
7. What is paramparagat krishi ?
8. Constitution provisions for tribal peoples? what is PESA ?

Member 3

1. What is farm forestry, agro forestry, which species u will choose for agro forestry?
2. What is urban forestry, Species choose for urban forestry ?
3. Species chosen for planting nearby highways?
4. Have u applied for civil service ….interview call….which service u will join ?
5. Forest based industries…..what is plyboard ?
6. What is forest conservation act?
7. Does urban forestry comes under preview of forest conservation act ?

Some other questions I m not able to recollect at this moment

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