April 8th, 2019       IAS Interview

Name of the Candidate – Abirami S.P

Optional : Geography

Board: Sujata Mehta

  1. Why u choose  agriculture in graduation
  2. Introduce urself .only after graduation  what you have done .
  3. Reason for farm distress  and solutions
  4. Shall we regulate money lenders?
  5. Does agriculture  issues all over India is common  .give some examples
  6. How ill u contribute  to service
  7. What is mulching
  8. Israel India water irrigation  techniques
  9. Gm crops whats center  stand
  10. What is paper quilling how for its useful
  11. Netherland is second  largest exporter of crops  how does it did
  12. Name some traditional  methods followed in Indian agriculture
  13. Child labour issue simply asked
  14. South china sea dispute
  15. 9 dash line
  16. Shall v use drip irrigation  in sugar cane
  17. Trigger technique something  he asked i don’t know about it
  18. Tell me what craft  u can make using water bottles placed in this table
  19. What is zero hunger
  20. Wht stand  india have taken
  21. Who is Norman Burleigh
  22. What his contribution
  23. Who has done in India
  24. Name some of agricultural  institutes in India
  25. Difference bet aroma vs. herbal plants
  26. The centre  for herbal  and  aroma plants where its situated
  27. How they r useful
  28. Do u want to tell me something finally.

Thank u.

Name of the Candidate – Amit Dutt

Board : Smt.M.Sathiavathi


  1. Why horticulture is not picking up in India?
  2. Your hobby is dream interpretation how you do it?
  3. Can it be done scientifically and do dreams come true?
  4. What are you doing after completing your post-graduation?
  5. M1 interrupts
  6. But you don’t have geography as your subject than how do you teach geography to the children?
  7. Chairwoman interrupts- Teaching 5th class students does not require that much expertise if you are already preparing for CSE.
  8. Have you visited south India? Why not?
  9. Your hobby is trying different cusines, have you observed any difference in food choices among the places that you have visited.
  10. M2 -What is political interference?(he doesn’t seem satisfied by my answer and stretched that topic too long)
  11. M1- your optional is history. Do you know the history of wheel on our flag.
  12. Do you know the name of one dynasty that rose quickly nd then vanished.(in South Indian context).
  13. M3 -You read Munshi Premchand. have u read Godan?
  14. In the story namak ka daroga what political context is depicted?
  15. Dream interpretation is your hobby hope you impressed many girls in the college through this..(everyone was laughing)
  16. Who is a rashtrakavi? (I was puzzled bcz it was a very random question. Perhaps the man had interest in  hindi literature).
  17. But before I could answer he said..leave apko pata nahi hoga and signalled M4.
  18. M4-(The real gentlemen.. greeted with a big smile)
  19. You love hills?(Bcz iam from Uttrakhand)
  20. Development is putting strain in Hiamalyas ..is it a bad situation?
  21. China and Pakistan are developing CPEC why? And what are its repurcussions on India?What India should do?
  22. The interview was a mixed experience. Sometimes they gave me positive feelings and sometimes I felt as if they are not satisfied.I did not like members talking among themselves nd a member even walked out for a minute.The chairwoman stared me for two minutes with pen in her hand and than wrote something. They were passing chits and it was little creepy. One member seemed as if he was making fun of my answers.
  23. But I did not lose my confidence. and chairperson’s smile was an encouraging thing.

Name of the Candidate – Ayush Vikram Singh

Optional : Anthropology
Board : M Satyawathi Ma’am

Date : 26th March

Academics : B.tech , Studying LLB
Achievements :
In cricket(Bowling)

Forenoon session

4th one to go(12:25-1:00PM)

The interview went for ~35 mins.


I entered the interview room before I could say anything Chairperson ma’am greeted me and asked me to sit down. Ma’am showed me my photo, Is this you then She read my DAF loudly (She pointed out why everyone is taking cooking as hobby and then she asked me is there any other sports that you play?)

1. What have you been doing since graduation?(told them about Law)

2. From which University, What is your specialization.?(told them criminal law)

3. Why do you like criminal law.?

4. Chairman then said we ll start with IPL,Do you watch IPL, Which is your favorite team and why
5. Why our bowlers are performing so well?
6. Do you think is it related to IPL?
7. Should there be an IPL since worldcup is so near don’t you think our priority should    be Worldcup
8. Govt is opening so many IIT’s are you in favor of opening so many IIT’s?What is so special with IIT’s?
9. Govt should give way to private institutions in Higher Technical Education? Your view on this.


1. Why the image of our bureaucracy is so bad?

2. Do you know about Margret Mead? Who was she, her contribution

3. Do you know about Maoris? Is there any connection between Maoris and Margret Mead?
4. Where can we find Salmon? Do they move Upstream or Downstream(from DAF )
5.Can you recall any criminal law related case that was in news recently?(Told them about adultry)
6. Is there any relation between Law and Morality?
7. What is Section377?(He explained himself ) then asked what is the implication of decriminalizing some part of Section 377?(Counter questions went towards imposed morality by Britishers in form of Section 377)
8. Name any issue that is Legal but not moral(Told him about Marital Rape)
9.He said what about Sedition? What is Sedition should we remove sedition? There is a landmark case associated with it what is it?

M2(Lady Member)

1. What is Climate Change

2. Difference between Adaptation and Mitigation

3. Since you are from a city which is infamous for its pollution how would you tackle Water and Air Pollution Suggest strategy(had a long answer on this but she was not convinced)

4. What about plastic pollution how would you control plastic pollution?

In between Chairman was pointing towards the clock


1. What is smart city project? What is smart city?

2. Is your city comes under smart city?
3. How many states in UP are under smart city? Name some. Whats happening on ground, any developments?
4. What is Mudra Scheme? On what criteria the loan is given?
5. What is Startup India scheme?

6. Is Make in India a failure?
7. What are the challenges that MII facing?
8. Is there any linkage between Mudra, Startup India and MII ?


1. Sir said I would start where chairman had left, why our bowlers are better than previous ones

2. Is there anything to do with their Nutrition? 
3. By looking at present Indian team can we say we have achieved food security ?
4. What is food security?
5. Do you know anything about Sentinelese issue? What policy government is following? (told them about Integration policy)
6. Are you sure we are following integration policy? What is Tribal Panchsheel?
7. Since you have lived long in Allahabad, have you ever been to Kumbh?
8. Explain Economic importance of Kumbh?

Chairman Thank you. Your interview is over. All the best.

Name : Siddharth

Optional : Philosophy

Board – Dr Manoj Soni Sir

  1. Ch: nawab and sevice attitude
  2. Ch: ambedkar and his official statement after constitution
  3. Ch: ambedkar and his 5 teerth and their names
  4. Ch: some constitutional makers and their contributions
  5. M1: software’s and differences between -BCom, BSc, b tech and software eng
  6. M1 :women entrepreneurs in India
  7. M2: china and manuf
  8. What india can do for the same?
  9. M2: why IAS ?
  10. M3: up and communal issues
  11. M3: Nepal and China infrastructure , is it good?
  12. M3: Why India couldn’t do it?
  13. M3: should we remove PSU s like ONGC, Gail?
  14. M4: forest clearances and delay?
  15. M4:innovations that can be done in forest?
  16. M4: issue of Forest dwellers and their rights?
  17. M4: govt stand on the same?

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