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On 4th October, UPSC CSE Prelims was conducted. Now, each of the serious aspirants must have entered Mains mode. Their minds will be clogged with the most crucial question that is how to prepare for the Mains exam?

Mains Notification says that, ‘The main Examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory. The questions are likely to test the candidate’s basic understanding of all relevant issues, and ability to analyze, and take a view on conflicting socio-economic goals, objectives and demands’.

‘Mains’ assesses the quality of thoughts and  content of one’s mind. These will enter subconsciously into one’s answer sheets.

So the question arises what is the magical mantra to achieve this?



The first most important step is to have the right study material. If one thinks that they need to read 100s of books, browse 10s of websites and prepare notes from 5 newspapers and 10 magazines each day to clear the exam, this is wrong. What matters is not the quantity of materials one had gone through, but the quality of learning done.

The second step is to have a proper strategy in place. CSE Mains requires a SMART STRATERGY with the following key points kept in mind:

  •  Learn in multiple ways
  • Read multiple subjects in one day
  • Take handwritten notes
  • Learn by association
  •  Revise periodically
  • Simplify the information
  •  Know what to filter
  • Read textbooks effectively
  • Don’t cram, understand
  • Cover all the topics in UPSC CSE MAINS syllabus and make sure you have static notes as well as a compilation of dynamic issues involving the topic.
  • Go through Previous years’ papers and make sure you write answers to all those questions.


Important aspects of answer writing

To begin with every aspirant should have clarity and have a plan in place regarding how much time they are going to contribute to each question (both in terms of thinking and writing down of the answer). It is always a good investment if, before starting to write an answer, one spends a minute or two to understand the required dimensions and framing the skeleton of the answer. Then one can write a logical and flowing answer in the remaining time. Few things that should be kept in mind are as follows:

  •  The examiner should get bird’s eye clarity about how the answer is going to unfold.
  • There should be continuity and linkage between different parts.
  •  Answering the ‘question’ rather than a ‘topic’
  •  One common mistake often committed is that aspirant write too much about something or write too little.
  •  Good Answer requires neat hand writing, uncluttered presentation, underlining of key content (not to be overdone), heading of sub-parts, diagrams/ flow-charts.
  •  Answer should consist of inter-topic linkages, catchy terms, facts and figures, case studies/ illustrations/ anecdotes.
  •  There should be a balance between one’s own view points on one hand and technical jargons, research studies, expert views on the other hand.
  •  Answer should be written in such a way that it concise and consists of thoughtfully framed sentences and at the same time conveys a lot.
  •  The specific requirement is indirectly indicated by a concluding word. Eg: discuss, elucidate, critically examine. The meaning of each of these words is different and each of them has a different demand that needs to be addressed.


The answer is very simple: through MOCKS!!

There are a lot of benefits of taking mocks…

  • help in overcoming the fear psychosis.
  • help in making management strategy for the real exam.
  • help in knowing ones’ strengths and weaknesses, doing self-analytics.
  • help in preparing topics which have not been covered.
  • provide extra vital information.
  • help in developing speed, refining the thought process.
  • help one to face the tremendous competition by honing their skills .
  • help one to tackle uncertainties, boost exam preparedness and improve ones’ score and rank.

Why APTI PLUS/ IAS GYAN is the right choice for Mains preparation?

APTI PLUS/ IAS GYAN (Known as Best IAS Coaching in Kolkata) through its Mains 2020 Program offers that kind of conducive 360 degree platform which meets each and every requirement of the ‘LEARN, REVISE & PRACTICE, TEST, IMPROVE, SUCCEED’ mantra.

How to clear UPSC CSE Mains 2020

One can ‘Learn & Enrich’ their preparation with Mains 2020 Capsule Program and be exam ready. Its specially curated Modules offer not only crisp and exam-oriented Classes but also Answer Writing and marking pattern discussion, one-to-one feedback from the faculty.

One can ‘Revise, Practice & Improve’ and stay ahead of the curve with Mains 2020 Answer Writing Evaluation Programme known for its codified objective criteria, uniform standards and timely, constructive, personalised and practical inputs on all aspects of answer writing. It has features like monthly 20 answers, evaluation within 48 hours by experts who assess in a professional manner.

Maximum focus should be given on Answer Writing and Revision. Practice it HERE

Finally one can ‘test yourself, boost their score and ensure success’ by being part of the Mains 2020 Test Series. This robust platform provides 16 mocks, detailed evaluation within 72 hours, comprehensive one to one feedback by faculty members and detailed model answers and test discussions.

One may subscribe the Test Series through IASGYAN website.  HERE

Aspirants should remember that now is time to put in the efforts and work smartly and toil till they reach the goal.

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