APTI PLUS, Eastern India's premier Coaching Institution for IAS, has meticulously developed a holistic, all-encompassing course structure and teaching methodology that focuses on self-paced learning, integrated exhaustive testing, tailored pedagogical approach, stage-wise training, personalised mentoring and imbibing core ethical values that synchronizes with the dynamic demands of UPSC CSE pattern.  It is leaving no stone unturned to help the students counter the challenges that UPSC will put forward in CSE 2022.



It is the most comprehensive program developed by APTI PLUS Academy in which the best quality of education gets delivered straight to your home through India’s Top Educators. It has eliminated borders and barriers, both social and physical. Our objective is thus to simplify the process of UPSC preparation and provide a platform that can best suit aspirants and professionals and lead them to the path of success.

This integrated classroom program prepares aspirants holistically for both Pre and Mains Stages of the CSE. There is complete coverage of Basic NCERT books and Advanced level Standard textbooks. Lectures are designed keeping both the Preliminary and Mains examination in focus. It is available in two formats, namely, GS Foundation Course starting from 22nd June and GS Foundation Weekend Course starting from 3rd of July this year.


It is a carefully designed study approach with the aim to bridge the gap between source of information and the learners and to help aspirants who are not able to join classroom classes get the expertise & proficiency of Apti Plus at the comfort of their home. The programme is known for its highly researched content, best preparatory tools and benefits like self-inspiration, ease of accessibility, time savvy, easy access to the experts.

Program Highlights:

  • Self-explanatory books and study material containing the most comprehensive content prepared by ex-IAS officers and subject experts.
  • Free mentorship.
  • Monthly booklet for current affairs.
  • Online and offline test series.
  • Special telegram session for answer writing development.
  • Regular assessment and feedback.
  • Provision of sending books through courier.


 Apti Plus offers such subjects which have maximum syllabus overlap/connection and strategic relevance with the compulsory papers of General Studies. These courses are meticulously designed to ensure content differentiation, score enhancement and completeness of coverage. Optional Subjects offered for the Main Examination are: Sociology, Geography, Political Science, International Relations.


The basic mantra for success in UPSC Civil Services Exam is “Learn, Revise, Evaluate, Improve, Succeed”. Keeping this in mind, APTI PLUS Academy has structured its Prelims Test Series Program meticulously, with an in-depth coverage of the syllabus and scientifically designed Tests covering the entire static and current portions to ensure improved learning outcomes and enhanced scores of the students which makes it best test series for UPSC Prelims.

A stage-wise approach starting from extensive in-depth coverage of GS syllabus moving towards thematic and current affairs based tests and finally CSE simulation through full length tests makes sure that aspirants can handle the different facets of the UPSC Prelims Paper and be exam ready with all the ingenuities and expertise in order to cope with any surprise that UPSC throws at them. The IAS prelims test series program helps aspirants not only exhaustively cover all the standard sources but also steps up their preparation and brings it to UPSC level by multiple revisions and personalized feedback.


  • There will be total 60 tests.
  • There will be 38 sectional tests covering the entire ambit of civil services examination syllabus.
  • There will be 5 tests on previous year questions.
  • There will be 7 monthly current affair tests.
  • There will be 10 full length tests.

‘SAKSHAM-2022’-Meticulously designed program for truly dedicated aspirants aspiring to be Mains Ready 2022

This highly innovative course has been strategically designed for serious aspirants to make them exam ready by strategically steering their preparation in the right direction and imparting them a mix of enhancement of knowledge, improvement in skills, personalized mentorship and extensive practice and revision.


Component 1: Revise Through Answer Writing Practice Initiative

Component 2: Evaluate Through Test Series 

Component 3: Improve Through Personalised Mentorship

Complementary: Learn Through Mains Oriented Subject-Wise Sessions

Why IASGYAN is a must for UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparation?

This online platform for UPSC Civil Services Coaching and Online IAS Preparation provides maximum relevant material from all relevant sources in a very constructive and concise format which makes the journey for an UPSC aspirant makes soulful and interesting.

A-Z Current affairs for UPSC CSE and its online activities which go on 24x7 will keep you motivated till you succeed. You get access to All India Mock Tests, a compilation of PIB/Yojana/Kurukshetra, Daily MCQ Mini and Mains Tests, Daily Editorials and News Analysis , Answer Writing Challenge, Monthly Magazine, Mind Maps, AIR & RSTV Discussions, Important reports, Infographics and much more.


It can be seen that Apti Plus is leaving no stone unturned for the aspirants to ensure that they ace the examination with ease. So, it is time to take a leap of faith to realise your long-cherished dream by choosing Apti Plus for CSE 2022.