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Over the years the name of Apti Plus Academy has become synonymous with success in civil services. Apti Plus Academy has, since its inception in 2005-06, designed delivered perfected and innovated the art and science of teaching and guiding aspirants for civil services. East India’s premier institute, for its success rate and teaching methodology, has been ranked as best civil service coaching institute in the region by World Education Summit-2017.

Overwhelmed by this response, with its vision for creating civil servants for nation building, the institute took the initiative of creating the most reliable online platform to help aspirants ace the civil services exam-IASGYAN….


UPSC CSE is India’s prime examination. Every year over a million register themselves for this prestigious exam but ONLY 0.001% make it to the final list. Owing to the fierce competition aspirants face pressure of excelling, fear of failure, over expectations by near and dear ones and other personal issues. Many aspirants come to Delhi– the so called hub of CSE preparation only to be faced by rumor -mongering that one needs to know everything under the sun to ace this exam. They create a “library of Alexanderia” at home and get swayed by the “online” oceans…. All this leads to distraction, confusion, diversion from the right path ultimately resulting in failure or giving up on the exam.

HERE IS WHERE IAS GYAN COMES INTO PICTURE…. The syllabus of UPSC is already huge. Preparation needs smart work with specific inputs. Smart work requires a specific set of resources.


How IASGYAN transforms the entire preparation cycle?

This student-centric online platform provides only the CRISP, RELEVANT material which is humanely possible to retain and is required for the exam. Rather than letting the aspirants face the undue pressure of information glut and data smog, IASGYAN acts as a filter so that only RELEVANT and SIMPLIFIED information reaches the aspirant.


The platform provides one stop solution for preparation by offering:


Strategy, previous year questions, daily static and current affairs questions, mock tests (around 120 covering all important sources). This helps aspirants to acquaint themselves about the focus areas, the sources and helps them to choose the right path. MCQs help one to understand issues, remember facts better, improve question solving approach and cover as much areas as possible. It also helps to assess level of preparation.


What to do strategy, how to plan, daily answer writing (both from static and current affairs), mock tests. Apart from guiding the aspirants regarding the sources, focus areas, right path and assessing the level of preparation; the platform helps aspirants to learn the art of answer writing. It helps candidates improve basic understanding of all relevant issues, and hone their ability to analyze, and take a view on conflicting socio-economic goals, objectives and demands’. It aims to bring about NOVELTY, PROFICIENCY IN EXPRESSION/LANGUAGE AND PRESENTATION and SUCCINCTNESS.

Daily editorials

This section helps aspirants to get crux of the issue, short summary of the analysis of topic. It helps one to cover various dimensions of the topic and also learn about how to present a topic. It also saves the time and energy of going through various sources by bringing all the vital information regarding the topic at one place.

Air discussion, rstv discussion

This section contains in depth analysis of the news, summary and background and its relevance to the exam. It saves the aspirants from listening to the discussions daily but at the same time giving them a summary of the analysis of the news done by experts.


It is very consuming to read and filter up news and relevant information from these sources. IASGYAN provides one a very crisp, reliable and simplified monthly gist of the same.

Mind maps

It is very difficult for a human to retain vast amount of information and that too beyond a certain period of time. This is where mind maps come into picture. It has been scientifically proven that human ability to retain increases when information is provided to them in the form of mind maps. This also helps aspirants to learn the art of crisp, succinct and creative answer writing.

Ias gazette

This monthly periodical contains in depth comprehensive analysis of all current issues along with model descriptive questions and answers for mains as well as prelims.

Gist of government reports, economic survey, niti ayog documents, budget etc

Rather than letting aspirants get swayed by the huge volume of these reports IASGYAN acts as a one stop source for the short summary and analysis of these reports which is easy to retain and understand.

UPSC/CSE solved papers

It not only acts as a one stop source of previously asked questions and their solutions but also helps aspirants to learn the art of answer writing, learn which are the focus areas, learn what is expected from them, learn the types of questions etc. All this is of tremendous help to help chart one’s preparation in the right direction.

Toppers talk

One has to be emotionally and mentally strong on this arduous CSE journey apart from doing hard work with full dedication. If one is not motivated it will affect one’s preparation adversely. And what is a greater source of motivation than reading inspirational stories of successful aspirants. IASGYAN acts as a one stop point for this.

IASGYAN Studyflow

In a nutshell IASGYAN offers aspirants a kind of conducive ecosystem to have the plan, the roadmap and the courage to press on to their destination.

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