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Distance learning-program- Apti Plus

Hello Aspirants,

Distance learning aims to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by space and time. It primarily caters to the need of aspirants who are unable to join regular coaching classes due to major reasons but have ardent desire to become a civil servant.

Out-stationed & working aspirants, who are unable to join Classroom Program should not be deprived of the valuable guidance and motivation provided by India’s most renowned faculty members & mentors. Thus, the importance of Distance Learning Program cannot be emphasized enough.

Before, we delve deeper into the features of this program, let us understand the significance of Distance Learning.

States’ Performance in UPSC CSE – Some Statistics..

The UPSC CSE examination is held annually to recruit for Group A and Group B posts in the Indian government. Out of the 22 services, the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is perhaps the most prestigious service. Let’s see how the states fare in producing IAS officers.

Distance learning-program- Apti PlusThe above data clearly shows that there is huge disparity between the states in terms of producing IAS officers. Experts suggest that population of a state and socio-economic factors play a key role in this. But are these two factors responsible only?

Lack of Opportunities..

We often tend to forget that, it is “lack of opportunities” which makes it difficult for lakhs and lakhs of aspirants from every nook and cranny of the country in realizing their dream of joining the most prestigious services in the country.

Distance learning-program- Apti Plus

Talent in India is second to none..

Distance learning-program- Apti Plus

Distance Learning Program by Apti Plus Academy for Civil Services Pvt. Ltd.

Distance learning-program- Apti PlusDistance learning-program- Apti Plus** The study materials provided are strictly in line with the current UPSC pattern. Further, the content of Distance Learning Program is constantly revised and updated with the aim to provide the best guidance to the aspirants.

Benefits of Joining Distance Learning Program

Distance learning-program- Apti Plus

The Right Approach to start your preparation with DLP

1. Go through the pattern of the examination.

2. Read the syllabus thoroughly.
3. Start your preparation with basic NCERT books and Newspaper Reading (The Hindu/ The Indian Express preferably). Supplement your basic books with the DLP course materials provided by the Institute. For detailed strategy please visit our Prelims Strategy and Mains Strategy Section.
Distance learning-program- Apti Plus4. Use our Mobile Application to access study materials uploaded on it and enhance your preparation.
5. Join our Telegram Session for Daily Answer Writing Practice. Get your answers evaluated by experts within a few hours.

Distance learning-program- Apti Plus6. Appear Test Series Program (Online and offline) of DLP course provided to you and gauge the level of your preparation through regular feedback given by our faculty members.
Distance learning-program- Apti Plus

Course Duration & Fee Structure

Course Duration of Distance Learning Program is 6 months.

Course Fee –Distance learning-program- Apti Plus

Distance learning-program- Apti Plus

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