This integrated classroom program prepares aspirants (Working professionals as well as graduates) holistically for both Pre and Mains Stages of the CSE.



Take a step of faith to achieve your long-held dream of acing UPSC CSE 2023 with the Apti Plus Academy’s UPSC IAS/IPS Classroom Programme-2023. The program is carefully designed by Indian experts with extensive experience in the field of Civil Services Examination. 

It is a very comprehensive program developed by APTI PLUS Academy where the best quality education is delivered directly by India’s top teachers. The aim is to simplify the process of preparing for UPSC by providing a platform that best suits the aspirants and leads them on the path to success. 

This integrated classroom program caters to those who want to learn more holistically for both the Pre-and Mains stages of the CSE. There is a complete integration of NCERT Foundation textbooks as well as Advanced textbooks. The courses are designed keeping in focus both the Prelims and Mains. 


Under this three-phase program, the first phase is a 5-month program covering 250-300 hours. Here, NCERT Foundation textbooks and Advanced textbooks are covered keeping both Prelims and Mains in focus. In the second phase, the focus is on Prelims. This phase has a 2-month plan covering 120-150 hours. At this time, classes are specially provided on Current News, Economic Survey, Budget, CSAT, etc. These are held before the Prelims Examination. Finally, the third phase is a 5 Month mains-oriented program focussing on Optional, Ethics, Essay, World History, International Relations, Social Issues and Justice, Science and Technology. The Optional Subjects offered for the Main Test are as follows: Social Sciences, Geography, Political Science, International Relations.





General Studies Prelims-cum Mains + Essay + CSAT+ Mock Tests(Pre+Mains)






  • 25% discount to all physically challenged/Disabled students (where the percentage of disability is more than 40%).
  • A discount of Rs. 10,000/- on total fees is given if full payment of the fees is deposited at a time.
  • A discount of Rs. 5,000/- on total fees is given if the fees are deposited in two installments in two consecutive months.
  • 7% discount will be given to candidates who have secured 90% marks in Class X Exam, 80% marks in Class XII Exam, and 80% marks in Graduation.
  • 5% Discount available to aspirants whose parents are serving or have served in the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Para Military Force, Indian Police, MHA, subject to submission of original supporting documents.



This 360-degree guidance program, having learning, discussing, testing, and revising as its components, not only provides information-static and dynamic but also the art of using this information. Aspirants will have the opportunity to watch pre-recorded videos multiple times.

Other features of the programme include learning with peers, personalized counseling under India’s most experienced mentors, and weekly sessions to remove doubts. The testing aspect includes classes being followed by an MCQ discussion of Prelims and a discussion of the Subjective Question for Mains. UPSC Prelims Level and Main Test Series add feathers to the programme.

One can revise through updated classroom material, IAS GYAN study materials, Prelims / Mains Xpress, and lots of other resources with Apti Plus LMS.


The Civil Service Examination (CSE) is considered to be one of the toughest exams, owing to the vast and dynamic nature of its syllabus. It is a challenge for any student to prepare this syllabus and to ensure that they get their names on the final list of selected candidates.

Our approach to General Studies(GS) FOR UPSC :

We recognize the importance of GS and believe it should be prepared thoroughly. Furthermore, the nature of today's GS questions is such that only selective study will assist. This is why our GS Preliminary and Main batches have been scheduled for 12 months which includes Prelims & Mains Mock Test, Customised Student Portal through Our App IAS GYAN, Exclusive Journals, Monthly Gazettes,&Materials,

Our methodology comprises:

  • A systematic approach to syllabus completion via the class plan
  • Prelims Mock tests
  • Mains Mock tests
  • Regular class assesment
  • Targeted to crack the exam in first attempt

At APTI PLUS, we aim to take on this issue and work with students to ensure that they pass the test in a timely manner. This is also why our comprehensive academic programme is geared to address the majority of the issues that UPSC applicants experience&Our exclusive advanced Learning Management System (LMS) preparation of Civil Services will be much more simplified.

In a nutshell, the guidance of Apti Plus acts like the lighthouses of the seashore. CSE preparation needs a planned approach that is systematic and well designed and Apti Plus Academy’s UPSC IAS/IPS Classroom Programme-2023 is too good at its execution.


  • Follow one standard Newspaper and one News Channel on a regular basis.
  • Compliment it with study materials provided by the Institute on its online platform IASGYAN.
  • Join a Standard Test Series. (Test Series based on each and every standard book and Current Affairs is uploaded on IASGYAN keeping the Prelims and Main examination in focus).
  • Follow IAS GYAN, our online platform to boost your preparation.


  • Know your syllabus thoroughly. Before you start with your preparation for CSE, read the syllabus many times to comprehend the demand of the examination.
  • Your own strategy is the right strategy.
  • Reading NCERT textbooks thoroughly is of utmost importance to crack this examination.
  • The key is revision.

Let us together be a part of this beautiful journey.

'One can achieve anything in life if they have the courage to dream it, a kind of conducive ecosystem to have the roadmap and the ‘will’ to see that roadmap through to the end'.



  • STAGE 1 (For Pre and Mains): It is a 5 months program consisting of 250-300 hours. During this period, there is complete coverage of Basic NCERT books and Advanced level Standard text-books. Lectures are designed keeping both the Preliminary and Mains examination in focus.
  • STAGE 2 (Prelims): This stage comprises of a 2 months program consisting of 120-150 hours. Lectures are designed keeping the Preliminary Examination in focus. During this period, classes are provided specifically for- Current Affairs, Economic Survey, Budget, CSAT etc. Classes are conducted prior to the Preliminary Examination.
  • STAGE 3 (Mains): 5 months program, Optional, Ethics, Essay, World History, International Relations, Social Issues & Justice, Science and Technology are covered. (Two-third of the above will be covered before the Prelims & the rest prior to the Mains). Optional Subjects Offered for the Main Examination are as follows: Sociology, Geography, Political Science, International Relations
  • skilled

    Sachin Jain


  • skilled

    Akhilesh C Srivastava

    General Science and Science and Technology

  • skilled

    Neeraj Nachiketa

    General Science

  • skilled


    Geography and IR

  • skilled


    Indian Polity, IR

  • skilled

    Shweta Singh

    Essay, Social Issues and Social Justice

  • skilled

    Deepak Gauda

    Indian Economy

  • skilled



  • skilled

    Amitesh V.

    Security, Current Affairs, IR, IO

  • skilled

    Satprakash Sharma

    History, 8 year teaching Experience

  • skilled


    History and Indian Art & Culture

  • skilled


    IR, History, and Current Affairs

  • skilled


    PSIR &Indian Polity

  • skilled



  • skilled



  • skilled

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