All India UPSC CSE Mains Open Mock Test 2022
Recommended By Mr. Abhijit Ray, AIR 50 UPSC CSE 2021


Are you confident of appearing for UPSC CSE 2022 Mains?

Gauge Your Preparation, Ace the Play, and Reach Your Target with APTI PLUS Academy’s ‘PAREEKSHAN 2022:

FALL INDIA UPSC CSE MAINS OPEN MOCK TESTS 2022’. Test yourself through the biggest All India IAS Mocks before UPSC tests you and find where you stand amongst the real competition.


  • 1 st Mock: Essay: 18 th August 2022, 9 AM to 12 PM
  • 2 nd Mock: GS I: 19 th August 2022, 9 AM to 12 PM
  • 3 rd Mock: GS II: 19 th August 2022, 2 PM to 5 PM
  • 4 th Mock: GS III: 20 th August 2022, 9 AM to 12 PM
  • 5 th Mock: GS IV: 20 th August 2022, 2 PM to 5 PM


  • 5 online Mock Tests- An Ultimate Package specially prepared to guide you in the best way for exam.
  • All India Ranking.
  • Paper strictly in accordance with UPSC pattern.
  • A 360-degree UPSC Mains experience: Simulation of examination environment.
  • Detailed solutions and test discussion by subject experts.
  • Learn from the in-depth analysis.
  • Register and participate now and challenge yourself on UPSC parameters


  • Attempting Aptiplus’s open mock test series helps you revise all topics.
  • Aptiplus’s mock tests help you in understanding the actual exam pattern.
  • After each test, Aptiplus provides you with a detailed analysis report of the mock test taken. This benefits the students in evaluating their performance.
  • The online Mock Test for Mains 2022 helps in improving the exam-taking speed and accuracy.
  • By taking the Aptiplus’s Mock, the student’s performance gets better day by day. This gives them enough motivation to perform well in the exams. Also, self-confidence is gained by seeing the performance analysis and improved scores
  • This will help in overcoming fear
  • Candidates will get extra vital information
  • Candidates will refine their thinking process
  • They will be able to do SWOT analysis, understand nuances of the exam and able to tackle uncertainties


  • Analyze the previous year papers.
  • Periodic revision is a must.
  • Do not attempt tests without preparation.

What aspirants should do?

Multiple revisions before each mock:

  • 1st revision goal: understanding the issue
  • 2nd revision goal: understanding interconnected issues (even if they can't be memorised, noworries, take it step by step)
  • 3rd revision goal: memorization
  • 4th revision: very precise and specific recall, as per the need of questions being asked.
  • 5th revision: precise interconnected recall as per the required cocktail in a GIVEN QUESTION, as per its language/tone and tenor.

After giving each mock: 

After giving each mock:

  • Do SWOT analysis: work on the weaknesses
  • Pick up the test paper, attempt it and read all the solutions, highlighting the important ones. This will help you in memorizing the content as well as condition you to attempt questions. Further, these tests would also add up to your notes.