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  August 4th, 2020       UPSC
UPSC has today declared the final results of Civil Services Examination 2019. A total of 829 candidates made it to the final list. For APTI PLUS ACADEMY, the legacy to produce highest number of selections for Eastern India in UPSC Civil Services Examination continues….  In yet another spectacular display, 30 students of the APTI PLUS family have made it to the final list. It is indeed very gratifying to see their dedication, sincerity and hard work

  July 23rd, 2020       UPSC
Every year about a million aspirants register themselves for the most prestigious exam of the country but only 1000 or so ( only 0.001% ) make it to the final list. BUT there are some who make it to this 0.001% not once but thrice and even more. Ever wondered why these aspirants crack the exam so many times while a few struggle to clear the prelims after so many years??? This article from Apti Plus Academy (Best Institute For IAS in Kolkata) tries to

  July 11th, 2020       UPSC
UPSC CSE interview process for the remaining 624 candidates is around the corner. The interview process will begin on 20th July and go on till the 30th of July. It is the last phase of this arduous journey for the aspirants. Moreover, it becomes all the more anxious and tiring owing to the pandemic.  Nevertheless, the aspirants should keep in mind that this 20 to 40 minutes’ exercise can make a 100 marks difference in the final total marks and c

  June 30th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation, UPSC
You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure. -  Gordon B. Hinckley The statement holds true in the case of UPSC Preparation. The foundation of UPSC preparation is laid by NCERT Books. The initial 2-3 Months of the preparation should be focused on NCERT Books Only. Relevance of NCERT books Basic understanding of subjects Very simpl

  April 9th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation, UPSC
Calming your mind In these uncertain times, it’s hard to focus on the preparation and keep preparation on track. However, I would request all the first timers who are going to give the CSE Prelims on 31st May, to ignore any rumors of exam being postponed. Keep in mind that we have to prepare with clarity that exam will be held on 31st May, and if there is any postponement, that will give us extra time to prepare or revise further. But 31st May is t

  February 28th, 2020       UPSC
On 12th February, UPSC released the notification for this year prelims. Ever since the civil service aspirants have jumped on the preparation bandwagon with electrifying speed. Now that they have consciously decided to jump into this field, it is time to put in the efforts and work smartly. THE NEXT AND MOST IMPORTANT STEP IS TO PLAN AND PUT THAT PLAN INTO EXECUTION… In this arduous journey APTI PLUS will be the guiding light to help them

  October 12th, 2019       Civil Services Preparation, UPSC
THE PRELIMS PAPERS OF THE LAST 5 YEARS HAVE NEARLY 10-30% QUESTIONS RELATED TO ECONOMICS. Over the past three years the level has remained around 30%. The importance of Economics can be judged by the fact that in 2017 prelims (cutoff was around 105), around 60 marks portion was from this single section and it was very doable!!! YET, Economics may be a hard nut to crack for some given that the questions are based on conceptual clarity. Aspirants dev

  August 28th, 2019       Civil Services Preparation, UPSC
UPSC CSE Mains is less than a month away. The preparation of all the aspirants who will be giving the mains this time will be under full swing. The aspirants will be trying to accumulate as much knowledge possible on each and every topic mentioned in the syllabus because one never knows how something read, even of minute importance, can come to help in the examination hall… But is the plethora of knowledge gained sufficient to crack this exam? Or

  July 28th, 2019       Civil Services Preparation, UPSC
UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examination, 2019 was announced just few days back. Now is the time to gear up for the next stage of the battle…MAINS. Even those candidates who could not make to the list, should not get disheartened, and should prepare for mains to gain the edge for the next year. A lot of aspirants have a dilemma over what optional subject should be taken for the mains examination. With the changes in pattern from the year 2013, the

  June 28th, 2019       UPSC
UPSC Civil Services Examination is considered one of the ‘toughest’ exams in the world. This is not only because of the vast syllabus of the examination and a three stage process which filters the aspirants at every stage but also because the pass percentage of the examination is very low, that is, less than 0.1% . Every year around 10 lakh aspirants apply for the prestigious exam out of which a few hundreds find their names in the coveted final l

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