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  June 30th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation, UPSC
You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure. -  Gordon B. Hinckley The statement holds true in the case of UPSC Preparation. The foundation of UPSC preparation is laid by NCERT Books. The initial 2-3 Months of the preparation should be focused on NCERT Books Only. Relevance of NCERT books Basic understanding of subjects Very simpl

  June 24th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation
The UPSC CSE is conducted in three stages i.e, the preliminary examination, the mains examination and the personality test examination. The Preliminary exam serves as a screening test to filter out few thousand aspirants from lakhs of candidates for the mains examination. The prelims exam consists of two papers. The pattern of the same is as follows: 1. PAPER 1– General Studies containing 100 questions on General Awareness carrying a

  June 9th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation
‘One can achieve anything in life, if they have the courage to dream it, a kind of conducive ecosystem to have the roadmap and the will to see that roadmap through to the end’ When it comes to the best UPSC Coaching in Kolkata the only CONDUCIVE ECOSYSTEM that strikes one’s mind is APTI PLUS Academy for Civil Services. The Institute has received numerous accolades: ⦁ “Best Civil and State Services Coaching Institute in West Bengal and

  June 5th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation, Uncategorized
SPECTACULAR ACHIEVEMENT IS ALWAYS PRECEDED BY UNSPECTACULAR PREPARATION- Robert Schuller TODAY, UPSC released the REVISED DATE for this year prelims. The exam will now be held on 4TH OCTOBER, 2020 with the mains exam starting from 8TH JANUARY, 2021. Ever since the civil service aspirants are in a buzz. Now, the examination appears to be round the corner. It is time for the aspirants to jump on the preparation bandwagon with electrifying speed. A

  June 1st, 2020       Civil Services Preparation
‘One can achieve anything in life, if they have the courage to dream it, a kind of conducive ecosystem to have the roadmap and the will to see that roadmap through to the end’ When it comes to the best UPSC Coaching in Bhubaneswar the only CONDUCIVE ECOSYSTEM that strikes mind is APTI PLUS Academy for Civil Services. APTI PLUS is a top-ranked Civil Service coaching institute in Bhubaneswar providing coaching for both IAS and OAS examination. The

  May 29th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation
Alexander Fleming accidently discovered Penicillin in a petri dish. Was it all luck involved in this significant discovery? Or was it as Coehlo says, “When you want something the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it”?  The gospel’s truth is that no one can clear the UPSC CSE with mere stroke of luck.  This three stage examination process involves 2 papers of 2 hours each in the prelims stage, 9 papers of 3 hours each in the main

  May 7th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation
Civil Services Exam is a three-tiered examination viz. Prelims, Mains and the Interview. Out of these Prelims is highly unpredictable though it is just a 2 hour exam. Mains on the other hand has 7 papers that is 21 hours of exam, and the format that UPSC has been following has been more or less the same for the past 5 years. Interview is a test of one’s presence of mind and attitude. If one goes through the previous years’ questions one will ge

  April 26th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation
Dear aspirants, These are really tough times worldwide. Further, due to COVID-19 the circumstances are unforeseen and beyond everyone’s anticipation. It is hoped that all of you have been following the government guidelines, taking extreme precaution and are doing everything possible to be in good health. You people must be in a state of anxiety not only due to the uncertainty associated with the virus but also due to the fact that your main goal

  April 23rd, 2020       Civil Services Preparation
This plan is for the aspirants who will be preparing for the UPSC CSE for the first time. The plan focuses on building a strong foundation for the exam. The plan will form the initial phase of the aspirants’ preparation. Aspirants are advised to master these books before jumping to the next level of the preparation. Aspirants will have six sittings a day i.e. 12 hours of study daily. They can choose the sitting slots according to

  April 20th, 2020       Civil Services Preparation
Under the UPSC Civil Services Exam, World History comes under the GS 1 paper of the Mains Examination. Also, knowledge of world history can be of substantial help in writing answers related to International relations. Further, questions based on world history can be asked during the interview stage of the examination. Through this article aspirants can know that how they should prepare for the world history section.…. Syllabus of World History

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