CSE Program Desk

To ensure that aspirants from every nook and cranny of the country can avail quality education,APTIPLUS Academy has

come up with the DLP Program. In this course study materials containing the most relevant and exhaustive content developed

by renowned academicians and our team of experts are provided to the aspirants. The material is self-explanatory and

strictly in line with the current UPSC pattern. Further, the content is revised and updated regularly in order to provide best

guidance to the aspirants.

The Test Series Programme has been structured in such a way that can help aspirants prepare

bit-by-bit in stages for the examination. Each stage gives candidates the chance to improve over

the previous one and measure their progress. Thus, each stage can be treated as a step further

in the whole staircase, which will gradually raise the preparation level of the aspirants, giving

them the scope to develop the right set of skills to ace the Prelims Examination.