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OAS Exam! The name brings anxiety in a thousand of lakhs of aspirants! And as the recent Notification has been released recently, the heartbeat is pumping up more than 72 times per minute in each and every future OAS’s. Well, it should be!

Being the most coveted and top level job in the state of Odisha, it demands the candidates to taste the heated iron rods. Yes, the level of OAS exam question pattern is too high!

However, if you’re appearing for the first time or last time—the success mantra is pretty simple! As always!

Some questions are here for you. See if you can make it or not this time?

Are You Preparing Hard?

Studying 18-20 hours per day? If yes, I must say, NOT necessarily required! Yes, I admit that the syllabus is so vast. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll work like a donkey. Be a horse! So

  • Work for standard hours as much your time permits. But the reading hours must be efficient and effective. Your preparation should be SMART, but not HARD!
  • Always be an early bird and start reading from now without procrastinating.
  • Mostly, workout more on the problems or lessons which are the key things and important ones. And always recall them.
  • Make the syllabus your friend and be well-informed about it.
  • Try to answer more by taking mock tests with proper time management rather than reading a lot.

Are You Thinking Too Much and Taking Too Much Pressure?

If yes, then there is 100% chance that you’ll be unsuccessful in the exam! Don’t convert your pressure into stress. Once you become the victim of stress in exam time means—your result is going to be a ruined one for sure! So

  • Give your best shot & don’t think about the result—whether you’ll get selected or not?
  • Always remain calm and tension-free. Flow with the circumstances and don’t get too much attached to it for a long time.
  • Take rest sufficiently and sit relaxed sometime.
  • Take healthy food and drink sufficient water.

Stressed Student

Are You Following Several Books for one Topic?

If yes, then you’re wrong in your strategy. Following a number of books will bring ambiguity in your understanding and nothing else! It’s always a misconception that you have to read a myriad no. of books for only one subject. But in reality, it’s nothing like that! So

  • Wisely choose only one good book which has to-the-point things instead of 10 unnecessary books.
  • Multiple friends, multiple teachers and will refer multiple books for one subject.
  • But remember—for every subject, one quality book will do the job.
  • If you’re confused which book you’ll buy for better understanding—do your own homework or research on the suggested books and finalize. But never judge a book by its cover and size!

Is Your General Knowledge is Up to Date?

The role of general knowledge is too much imperative in this prestigious exam. So if your general knowledge is up to date, then it’s a good sign! Otherwise make it a habit of

  • Daily reading of some of the good newspapers like The Hindu and other useful monthly or weekly magazines.
  • This is very vast and heavy weightage section of the exam—so you need to keep yourself surrounded to various news sections like History, Geography, Politics, Economy, Finance, Arts & Literature, Science & Technology, Entertainment etc.
  • It’s good to watch TV news and know instantly what’s happening around the world. But for traditional general knowledge—go shop for some good books.

Are You Practicing the Previous Year Question Papers?

To understand thoroughly about the exam question format & pattern and its level of toughness, you need to start practicing the previous year question papers. So if you’re practicing means, you’re on the way! And if not, start

  • Practicing from now and see which questions are frequently coming; and rigorously practice specifically on these chapters.
  • See on which section, it’s easy to score well and which section questions taking toll on you? And practice more on the hard sections!
  • It increases your speed as well as accuracy and confidence of solving problems in the exam.
  • Follow the solved question answers—so that it’ll be easy to grab the concept. But try to solve yourself first!

Are You Capable of Managing Time Properly?

This is the most important thing in any competitive exam-Not only this exam. Because— you may know all the answer but, if you’ve not sufficient time to solve them, it’s all waste! So in order to be fast in your exam, you must have the skill of proper time management in your preparation too. So

  • Set an achievable and realistic target every time in your time table.
  • Always stick to your plan. And don’t change the plan frequently.
  • See how many days left to your exam and accordingly set your daily schedule.
  • Be flexible, relaxed and don’t try to study multiple subjects in one time. Focus on one only!

How much is Your Patience?

From preliminary exam to the end of the personal interview (Almost one year)—this respected post demands a lot of patience from you! You’ll meet with a lot of obstacles in your path to the success. Sometimes you’ll feel like—no, it’s not possible with me. So

  • Remember—Never Ever Give Up!
  • Don’t get panic by seeing the gigantic syllabus rather cover it bit by bit.
  • Don’t get dejected after knowing your friend is selected but you’re not! Your chance will come for sure if try and try dedicatedly.
  • Whether it’s first time or fourth time failure, it’s not the end of your life! Try fresh again!


Are You Self-Confident?

Whether you’re preparing hard is a different matter. The first thing is you need to know is how much is your self-confidence in clearing this not-so-easy exam! So

  • First believe in yourself that you can do it!
  • Don’t think what other people will say if you’ve started preparing for the OAS and you’re a not that genius student like Swami Vivekananda!
  • Remember the students who are clearing are not from the Mars or all are Einstein.
  • Don’t get intimidated by the no. of applicants. Take it easy! Only some thousands of students are serious out of some lakhs!

So I am asking now—Are you ready for OAS 2016?


  1. Saumyakanta Mishra says:

    Good initiative.

  2. Hiranya Gouda says:

    Really useful. Add more inspirational msg. Wishing u all d best.

    • admin says:

      Thanks a lot Hiranya for your valuable suggestion. We will definitely do that in future. Really happy to know that you found it useful! Keep visiting us, we promise to keep you inspired throughout your journey.

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