“You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure”.

If you nurture a childhood dream of becoming an IAS officer and don’t know where to start.. Then relax! Built on this motto, Apti Plus provides a single unified 360-degree guidance program meticulously designed for aspirants who want to start preparing early which is right after Class XII Board exams. Joining the Foundation Course will not only save time which is lost in preparation but make the aspirant confident and ready for the exam right after Graduation.

Course Highlights:

First year: Coverage of entire Syllabus (Both Preliminary & Main Examination)

Second year: Optional Subject and Test Series is included.

Course fees:

Validity: 2 years



  • The Institute re-structures its courses and modifies its pedagogy according to dynamic nature of the exam, thereby, providing the most comprehensive and relevant guidance to the aspirants.
  • The Academy has drawn in the most imminent faculty members from across India, which is why, quality teaching, individual attention and an all-inclusive education has become the hallmark of the Institute.
  • There is no one size fits all approach rather a tailored approach.
  • The class schedule is highly flexible.
  • There is stage wise training to unlock understanding.
  • There are predetermined small batch sizes: Space & ambience for one to one interaction with mentors.
  • Detailed performance analysis of each aspirant by experts and academicians at regular intervals.
  • It houses a library that houses a wide collection of books, journals & periodicals.
  • Prompt grievance redressal mechanism: When in doubt, call or mail. Anywhere & anytime.
  • Reach the classroom at the click of a button.
  • One to one interaction with India's Top educators
  • Each Module to be completed in a targeted manner
  • Daily assignments & quizzes for holistic preparation of each module

Doubt Clearing Sessions

  • Instant Doubt clearing sessions after each class
  • Weekly Doubt clearing sessions to clear up further issues

Self Paced Learning

  • Watch pre-recorded video lectures to revise anytime and anywhere!
  • Access pre-recorded live classes even if you miss a class.

Integrated Testing

  • Every lecture to be followed by MCQ discussion for Prelims & Subjective Question discussion for Mains

Answer Writing Sessions

  • Master the art of answer writing with daily assignments
  • Personalized Feedback & Expert advice on developing the skill of Answer Writing

Study Materials

  • Books for General Studies (Prelims + Mains) will be dispatched by courier within a week of enrolment
  • Provision to access study materials in e- format/ PDF format
  • Bookmark option to customize important study materials
  • Study materials are designed by renowned academicians
  • There is provisioning of comprehensive study materials and General Studies books (Free of cost).

Test Series Programme

  • Quality Mock Tests for Prelims & Mains (Strictly in line with current UPSC standard & pattern)
  • Test Series Discussion Videos & Personalized Feedback Sessions
  • Performance Analysis
  • Separate Current Affairs based Test Series Program

Student Discussion Forum

  • Interaction boosts retention of topics
  • Healthy competition to enhance learning & stay motivated continuously

Personalized Mentoring

  • Undivided attention to each and every aspirant individually
  • Performance monitoring & Feedback on level of preparation after regular intervals.

What aspirants should do?

  • First and foremost, just like any robust civil engineering structure requires a strong foundation similarly it is important to get the essential things right. One should therefore begin with the NCERTs.
  • Do not run after numerous sources. Limit the starting phase of preparation to these books. Keep telling yourself that aim is not to master the plethora of books available in the market but to ace UPSC CSE by doing smart preparation.
  • Now, aspirants might ask what should be covered and what should be left? Answer is very simple. You need to do two things. One, be thorough with the syllabus. It should be on your tips. Two, go through the previous years’ questions to get a rough idea on what is asked and how it is asked.
  • Remember, this is a slow process. It will take you at least a month to adapt and gain clarity on things.
  • SMART STRATERGY with the following key points kept in mind:
    • Learn in multiple ways: Human brain is able to learn better when we see, hear and read; rather than when we read alone. So, just don’t read a particular topic, watch a video or hear a podcast on the same.
    • Read multiple subjects in one day
    • Take handwritten notes
    • Learn by association: we read that WBCs are cells of the immune system. If we remember them as soldiers, it would be easy to recall that they protect the body from foreign invasion.
    •  Simplify the information
    • Read textbooks effectively
    • Don’t cram, understand
    • Keep revising at regular intervals
  • Once you cover the NCERTS, start giving very basic mcq tests.
  • For mains, start with back exercises at the end of the chapters given in NCERTs.
  • The next step would be to supplement preparation with current issues. You can start by reading Hindu coupled with magazines like Yojana and Kurukshetra.
  • And finally, after building a strong foundation in initial 6 months (thorough with NCERTs with multiple revisions) jump to standard books that have to be covered.
  • This should be coupled with additional current affairs sources like government websites, pib, budget, economic survey, EPW etc.


  • Guidance of Apti Plus acts like the lighthouses of the seashore.
  • CSE preparation needs a planned approach which is systematic & well designed and Apti Plus is too good at its execution.
  • Provides aspirant with the exam-oriented study materials and the direction of what all to read.
  • Instills competitive and fighting spirit, dedication and motivation for success
  • Very ecosystem of Apti Plus is enabling in the sense that it develops one’s cognitive skills
  • Covering Syllabus in Time Bound Manner
  • Continued Guidance: The ‘X’ Factor for Preparation
  • Broadening the scope of Improvement

The Edge called Psychological Advantage