February 28th, 2020       UPSC

On 12th February, UPSC released the notification for this year prelims. Ever since the civil service aspirants have jumped on the preparation bandwagon with electrifying speed.

Now that they have consciously decided to jump into this field, it is time to put in the efforts and work smartly. THE NEXT AND MOST IMPORTANT STEP IS TO PLAN AND PUT THAT PLAN INTO EXECUTION…

Goal Without Plan

In this arduous journey APTI PLUS will be the guiding light to help them reach the destination.

APTI PLUS has come up with a 12 week plan.

The Plan

  • The 12 week journey will begin on 1st March 2020 (Sunday).
  • There will be 5 ‘working’ days in each week.
  • With each topic one also needs to cover previously asked questions of UPSC.
  • Each weekend for that week has been fixed for mock test, revision of the task completed in that week and to clear back logs of that week (if any).
  • The last week before the exam has been kept open for relaxation, to have peace of mind and give best shot on the big day.

Take out a print of this plan and paste in the study room. To access the plan, click here.

3 Step Test To Analyse The Preparation

STEP 1: Ensuring that the task for a week is completed in that week itself.
STEP 2: Revising and revising.
STEP 3: Analyzing performance through practice tests.

Here the approach would be:

  • Consider giving a 100 question UPSC level mock test on every weekend.
  • Check total score, percentile relative to others. The catch is that performance should be gradually improving with every test. There should be no fluctuations in performance.
  • Next step would be to check mistakes.

There are 10 days before execution of this plan starts. Analyze it thoroughly and tweak it according to understanding and convenience.

Remember this is just the FIRST HURDLE to reach the FINAL TREASURE.

Plan Without Action


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