April 23rd, 2020       Civil Services Preparation
  • This plan is for the aspirants who will be preparing for the UPSC CSE for the first time.
  • The plan focuses on building a strong foundation for the exam.
  • The plan will form the initial phase of the aspirants’ preparation.
  • Aspirants are advised to master these books before jumping to the next level of the preparation.
  • Aspirants will have six sittings a day i.e. 12 hours of study daily.
  • They can choose the sitting slots according to their own suitability. However, keep in mind to study continuously in a given sitting without taking any break. Further a break of 30 minutes to 1 hour is must between any two sittings.
Week-1Polity NCERTEconomy NCERTNewspaper/current affairsGeography NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Class-8Class-9Class- 10
Week-2Polity NCERTHistory NCERTNewspaper/current affairsScience NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Class-9Class-6,7,8 (old)Class- 8
Week-3Polity NCERTEconomy NCERTNewspaper/current affairsGeography NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Class-10Class-10Class- 11
Week-4Polity NCERTHistory NCERTNewspaper/current affairsScience NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Class-11Class-6,7,8 (old)Class- 9
Week-5Polity NCERTEconomy NCERTNewspaper/current affairsGeography NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Class-12Class-11Class- 11
Week-6Economics NCERTEconomics NCERTNewspaper/current affairsScience NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Micro-EcoMacro-eco Class-12Class- 10
Week-7History NCERTHistory NCERTNewspaper/current affairsGeography NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Ancient India (old)Modern India (old)Class- 12 part 1
Week-8Economics NCERTHistory NCERTNewspaper/current affairsGeography NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Micro-EcoModern India (old)Class- 12 part 1
Week-9History NCERTEconomics NCERTNewspaper/current affairsScience NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Ancient India (old)Macro-eco Class-12Class- 12
Week-10History NCERTPolity NCERTsNewspaper/current affairsGeography NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Medieval India (old)Class- 12 part 2
Week-11History NCERTEconomy NCERTsNewspaper/current affairsGeography NCERTREVISIONPRACTICE
Medieval India (old)Class- 12 part 2
Week-12Science NCERTsGeography NCERTsNewspaper/current affairsHistory NCERTsREVISIONPRACTICE


  1. Rimita Saha says:

    Hello, so I have already enrolled myself. My question is from where do we get the books or materials. Will they be sent to us? Also will the names of the book be sent or do we just use the internet to search for them?
    Thank you.

  2. Rimpa karmakar says:

    But where are the other 3 sittings ?

  3. Nidhi Lohia says:

    I’m from Humanities background, and would like to know if NCERT Science is compulsory or not, as per this 12 week plan. Whether studying NCERT Science till class 10 be enough?
    Would be very grateful if my query gets answered. Thank you!

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