April 25th, 2019       IAS Interview
Name: Kiranmayi Koppisetti AIR - 573 Board: Smitha Nagraj Mam 14-03-2019 afternoon 2nd to go Background MBBS MS Chairperson 1. Do you think there is a nexus between doctors and pharmaceutical companies for prescribing branded drugs? 2. Is there a need for capping fees in pvt hospitals? 3. If you cap the fees and packages, 4. Who will show interest in establishing hospitals? M1 1. So you are from Hyderabad. 2. Tell me two good things about hyderabad. 3

  April 25th, 2019       IAS Interview
Name: Hitesh Kumar Meena (Rajasthan) AIR - 413 IFOS INTERVIEW Board - P K Joshi Btech - IIT BHU Varanasi. (Civil engg). Mtech - IIT Delhi (transportation engg). Optional - Civil engineering and forestry. Date – 31st Jan (1st one to go). Duration - 30-35 minutes. Chairman After reading all my qualifications.... 1. Which civil engg architecture you have visited in Delhi ? 2. What is the difference between new buildings and old architecture in Delhi ?

  April 19th, 2019       Civil Services Preparation
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  April 8th, 2019       IAS Interview
Name of the Candidate – Abirami S.P Optional : Geography Board: Sujata Mehta Why u choose  agriculture in graduationIntroduce urself .only after graduation  what you have done .Reason for farm distress  and solutionsShall we regulate money lenders?Does agriculture  issues all over India is common  .give some examplesHow ill u contribute  to serviceWhat is mulchingIsrael India water irrigation  techniquesG

  April 8th, 2019       IAS Interview
Name of the Candidate – V Sai Vamsi Vardhan Chairman 1. Corruption in tax system 2. Steps to control 3. How to control collusive corruption 4. Conflict of interest ? 5. Round tripping 6. DTAA and its role in round tripping M1 1. Tribal panchshell 2. How is it implemented M2 1. Issue around 35A in kashmir 2. GST and scope for corruption 3. What is social enterprise M3 1. Cyber security related architecture and institutions M4 1. Why Germany is good a

  April 8th, 2019       IAS Interview
Name of the Candidate – Sushant Singh Board: Air Marshal Bhonsle Date: 19th of February 1. CM: U look familiar? 2. How did u celebrate your birthday 3. What is the goal of public administration 4. Public aspiration is too large a term 5. what is the Hindi word for welfare 6. What is public welfare 1. M1 what is the situation in Afghanistan 2. Will it have any impact on India 3. Is nato dead 4. One minute debate on women are not weak 5. What is m

  April 8th, 2019       IAS Interview
Name of the Candidate: Sumit Kumar Rai Board: Smita Nagraj DoI: 28th March 2019 Background: Oil Industry Hobby: Poetry Public administration Chairperson: 1. natural resources: Should government have full control? 2. Should private sector be allowed? 3. Coal nationalisation, coal allocation(interrelated and follow up qns) 4. What private sector brings 5. Private sector in other fields etc. M1 1. TAPI, IPI projects.. feasibility, India role 2. What Ind

  April 3rd, 2019       Civil Services Preparation
HINDU IS OF PRIME IMPORTANCE NOW FOR CSE. NO TYPICAL DAY. I PREPARE MY OWN NOTES – Gaurav Aggarwal CSE 2013 Topper It is true that nobody likes to read newspaper daily for exams. In fact, even after selection civil servants do not read it diligently. Moreover, it is an absolute nightmare for the beginners on account of its flowery language. BUT, THERE IS NO SINGLE CIVIL SERVANT WHO COMPLETELY IGNORES IT DURING PREPARATION. It is very true that que

  March 20th, 2019       Civil Services Preparation, UPSC
History is a very ‘vast’ subject. It can be divided into 4 parts- ancient, medieval, modern and art and culture. Apart from its vastness, aspirants face difficulties regarding what to read?.. From where to read?... How to read?..How to retain?..Further, syllabus is so vast that aspirants need to prioritize what to focus on, to increase rate on investment. Another important aspect here is that most of the history questions are either black or white

  March 12th, 2019       IAS Interview
Dear Madam/Sir, I had appeared for Mock Interview from your Institute on 6th February 2019. The Mock interview was a wonderful experience for me. I had my UPSC Interview on 19th February 2019 in the afternoon session and the interview went quite well. The experience of giving interview to the esteemed panel of Aptiplus was quite helpful. I am highly obliged to your esteemed panel and the Institute for guiding me so well. I am also sharing my interv

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