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CANDIDATE PROFILE : Miss Supriya Das ,UPSC CSE Rank:236,Optional:PSIR,Attempt:2nd,Written Marks:874    APTI PLUS: Tell us something about yourself, when and why did you choose Civil Services Examination as a career ? Supriya Das: I am an undergraduate from Brown University where I pursued a double major in Political Science and International Relations. Since my childhood, I wanted to contribute to the development of the country espe

  March 21st, 2017       Civil Services Preparation
Getting your targeted position in the civil service exams is neither impossible nor easy. Some crack it within few chances while for some the destiny has paved a long way. But, whatever may be two things that you need to keep up are your determination and consistency. Never losing hope and using the failure of the last chance as a ladder to climb up to the height will help you a lot. “Don't read success stories, you will only get a message. Read

  January 21st, 2017       Civil Services Preparation, UPSC
A candidate entered the interview room. She was asked to give a glass of water and she did so. They said, “you are going to be a future IAS and you will serve water like this?” They had expected a sorry, telling which would have been a mistake. The candidate politely replied “ I have been taught to obey an elder's order since my childhood. Moreover, now, I am just an aspirant and my duty is to obey you and quench your thirst. Once I become an

  May 14th, 2016       Civil Services Preparation, OAS
OAS Exam! The name brings anxiety in a thousand of lakhs of aspirants! And as the recent Notification has been released recently, the heartbeat is pumping up more than 72 times per minute in each and every future OAS’s. Well, it should be! Being the most coveted and top level job in the state of Odisha, it demands the candidates to taste the heated iron rods. Yes, the level of OAS exam question pattern is too high! However, if you’re appear

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