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    Ayussh Sanghi
    Indian Economy & Current Affairs
    Ravi P Agrahari
    General Science and Science & Technology
    Tarique Khan
    History and Art & Culture
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    Welcome to Eastern India’s No.1 institute for Civil Service Exam.

    Apti Plus Academy for Civil Services has undoubtedly become the best coaching institute for Civil Services in Bhubaneswar as well as Kolkata. For its success rate & systematic teaching methodology, Apti Plus is being ranked as the best coaching for Civil Services in Kolkata & Bhubaneswar by oureducation.in & civilserviceindia.com.

    Apti plus was set up in 2005-2006. Since its establishment, the institute has produced number of IAS, IFS, IPS & other central/state Govt. services members.

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    Unique benefits of APTIPLUS Test Series

    • Full flexibility. Available at the Dashboard. Take tests as per Your suitability.
    • Highest Number of Tests provided (120 Test). 4 to 7 times more than any other platform.
    • Detailed test report and performance analysis
    • Only Test Series in India with separate Current Affairs Tests (2 Tests / Month).
    • Take tests anywhere, anytime.
    • Questions prepared by experts with vast experience of the UPSC examinations and who themselves have cleared the exam.
    • Questions strictly follow the UPSC standards.
    • Test Series is activated immediately after enrolment.
    • All major standard books and newspapers/magazines covered.
    • Free Counselling via email/ call anytime, anywhere.

    Sources followed for the test series

    • Almost All NCERTs, India Year Book 2018, Economic Survey.
    • Polity- M. Laxmikant (Indian Polity, Governance in India), Constitution Of India (D D Basu).
    • Geography-Goh Cheng Leong, Oxford Atlas and Census, Geography Of India-Majid Hussain.
    • Economics-Ramesh Singh, Sanjeev Verma.
    • History-Ancient History-RS Sharma Old NCERT, Medieval History-Satish Chandra, Modern India Bipan Chandra-Old NCERT, Spectrum-Modern India.
    • Art and Culture-Nitin Singhania, Spectrum.
    • Environment-Shankar.
    • Current Affairs- The Hindu, PIB, Indian Express, Live Mint, Financial Express, Economic Times, Niti Aayog Reports, Budget, Other Govt/Ministry Reports.


    APTI PLUS is a premier Civil Service coaching institute in Eastern India having started its classes in Kolkata in the year 2005-2006. Looking at the rate of success and the track record of the students who have been able to crack the Coveted Civil Service exam, APTI PLUS started a new coaching center in Bhubaneswar in 2015. Since its inception in Bhubaneswar, APTI PLUS has established itself as the most sought-after Civil Service coaching institute in Bhubaneswar. In addition to helping the students prepare for the Civil Service, the institute is also providing coaching for the OAE. The institute boasts of faculties drawn from the pool of skilled and highly experienced academicians from all over India. Moreover, the quality study materials, daily newspaper analysis, mock test series (Online + Offline) have helped a large number of aspirants in realizing their dream.


    APTI PLUS Academy is Eastern India’s premier Coaching Institute which was established with a vision to develop today’s young minds into the brightest personalities of tomorrow. APTI PLUS Academy was set up in 2005-2006 with the avowed aim of producing Civil Servants by imparting the best quality of education. The faculties in APTI PLUS are drawn from the pool of skilled and highly experienced academicians from all over India. The Courses are structured keeping the mind the recent paradigm shift in the pattern and approach of the Civil Services Examination. Quality Study Materials (regularly updated by our Experts and Analysts), Daily Newspaper analysis, Mock Test Series (Online + Offline) have helped a large number of aspirants in realizing their dreams. Since it’s inception, the Institute has produced a number of Central and State Civil Servants.

    Our Success Stories

    IAS 2017 TOPPERS

    IAS 2017 AIR 03
    IAS 2017 AIR - 175
    IAS 2017 AIR - 183
    IAS 2017 AIR - 267
    IAS 2017 AIR - 296
    IAS 2017 AIR - 313

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    IAS 2016 TOPPERS

    IAS 2016 AIR - 03
    IAS 2016 AIR - 160
    IAS 2016 AIR - 236
    IAS 2016 AIR - 436
    IAS 2016 AIR - 486
    IAS 2017 AIR - 524

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